New Bred from Nike 2016 – Women’s Exclusive

Air Jordan 1 High Black/Varsity Red

The “Bred” series is growing larger with each passing year – not surprising considering how BIG the colorway happens to be in the market. Suffice it to say, the colorway really appealed to the shoe-loving community and even those who are not Air Jordan fans found themselves coveting this black and red ensemble.

Air Jordan 1 High Black/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 1 High
Color:Black/Varsity Red
Style Code:705300-605

Who wouldn’t? The Bred kicks have this loud, eye-catching style that just screams of classy outdoors. We are betting you have a pretty good idea of how the past Bred shoes looked like and for 2016 – the same loud colors are used, but under a different pattern.
Air Jordan 1 High Black/Varsity Red

Bred 2016 seem to be split in half with the trim portion cloaked in black and the back portion done in deep and loud red. In earlier models, the black and red combination is all over the place, but Air Jordan decided to hit balance this time with the half and half approach.

The tongue portion is done in black together with the laces which keeps the look straight and clean. From the trim backwards, there is a loud red color that encompasses even the Swoosh logo along the side. That’s right! The Swoosh is done in the same shade of red as the rest of the kicks. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
Air Jordan 1 High Black/Varsity Red

On the negative side, it makes the Swoosh harder to notice. On the plus side, however, the iconic check mark is made of separate leather that is seamlessly embedded onto the shoes, allowing it to be slightly raised. This helps balance the camouflage effects so you would still be able to see the icon.

Fortunately, all the other logos are done in contrasting colors so that they wouldn’t disappear from the background design. There is the Jumpman logo on the tongue which is done in red so that it stands out from the black portion. The Jumpman on the heel, however, is done in black because the background is red – you probably get the picture.
Air Jordan 1 High Black/Varsity Red

Same thing holds for the Wings logo along the sides which is done in black together with the red background.

The soles are also quite simple in their design. The midsole is done in white – the only light color in the overall Bred look. The outsole however is composed of a thin line that is done in basic red. The bottom portion isn’t much to talk about – just a bunch of patterns all done in the red shade.

To wrap it up – there is nothing individually remarkable about the 2016 Bred version. However, taken together – it definitely ranks among one of the best Jordan releases 2016. Oh – and did we mention that it’s a women’s exclusive? No price and date for release yet, unfortunately.

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