Air Jordan 3 Khaki Suede – Executive Day-Off Shoes

Air Jordan 3 Khaki Suede

If you are looking for something classy and not in the usual style of Air Jordan shoes, the “Khaki Suede” would be the perfect choice for you. You’ve read it right – this Air Jordan 3 colorway uses khaki suede as a material rather than the traditional leather, creating a look that goes well with powerful executive males who are enjoying a day off.

Air Jordan 3 Khaki Suede
One look at the kicks and you will see exactly what we mean. Set for a 2016 release, the Air Jordan 3 “Khaki Suede” is not exactly an OG, but there are already hundreds waiting for its release.

Describing the shoes would be a little tough, but worth it. The outsole boasts of the typical khaki color or yellow-brown-white that occupies just a small part of the shoe edging. That is because the midsole is primarily done in white where you can see the precise quality stitching usually found in high-class Air Jordan models. The body of the shoes is done primarily in brown, but in a lighter shade and from the looks of it, a softer texture. Highlighted are leopard-like patterns along the trim and the heel portions, strategically placed to add some texture in the overall design of the shoes.

White trimming is found on the mouth and the tongue, the color extending to the laces. The tongue itself is done in brown, following the same shade of the body. Unfortunately, there are frontal pictures of the Air Jordan 3 “Khaki Suede” just yet so you will just have to guess at the designs on the center of the tongue. If memory serves right, it would be the same Jumpman logo, reminiscent of the Air Jordan 3, True Blue.

The heel portion of the shoes is cleverly saved from the brown color and instead sports a white shade. That is actually a good thing since you can easily see the Jumpman logo placed along the heel. Using black as the color for the icon, the white heel background allows the design to really stand out from afar.

Flip the shoes over and you will notice that the brownish-yellow color of the outsole extends all the way to the flat bottom of the kicks. There’s not much to recommend the bottom portion other than the Jordan lettering found along the back portion.

One of the most anticipated Jordan releases 2016, there is no clear date for these babies yet and no actual shoes have been released as samples. Hopefully though, a few will be out in the next months for further review.

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