Air Jordan 1 High Nouveau Snakeskin– Premier Line

Air Jordan 1 High Nouveau Black/Gym Red-White

You have read it right – the enviable Air Jordan 1 silhouette will be released in a “Snakeskin” colorway. You can probably conjure images of the legendary Air Jordan 1 encased in the brilliant, beautifully made-up, scales of the snake – and you are not really far-off. Somehow, Air Jordan managed to capture the visual essence of a snake skin with much aplomb, creating a classic that will surely last long in the Air Jordan circle.

Air Jordan 1 High Nouveau Black/Gym Red-White

Air Jordan 1 High Nouveau
Color:Black/Gym Red-White
Style Code:819176-001

What you should know is that the High Nouveau collection is considered a premium line of the Silhouette, so don’t be surprised if they start running out as soon as they hit the shelves. One of the most anticipated Jordan releases 2016, it is easy to see why the Snakeskin is such a big hit.

Air Jordan 1 High Nouveau Black/Gym Red-White

Let’s start from the bottom, the outsole showing a thin red-edging capped by a thicker clean white midsole. From there, we’ve got the snakeskin design that covers practically the whole shoes. It is tough to judge whether the snakeskin boasts a blue color or a black one – either way, the dark design blends well with the red colors strategically placed in different portions of the shoes. There is the red lining along the mouth and an eye-catching logo of the Wings done in fire engine red. The tongue and laces are equally black, blending beautifully with the overall color of the design.

Air Jordan 1 High Nouveau Black/Gym Red-White

Note though that the tongue doesn’t seem to carry any of the snakeskin texture. Instead, it features a straight-out leather tongue with a patch of snakeskin in the middle. On the center is the Jumpman logo done in red snakeskin, loudly proclaiming that the kicks come from the most reputable shoe manufacturer in the market today.

Air Jordan 1 High Nouveau Black/Gym Red-White

Along the sides, there is the Swoosh icon that is equally done in black. However, the material seems to be mesh, allowing for a distinct differentiation between the snakeskin and the Swoosh logo.

Unfortunately, the back portion doesn’t sport any Nike logo – not even the Jumpman icon. Instead, there is a clean expanse of the snakeskin design. No doubt Nike is already happy with the frontal icons placed on the shoes and don’t see the need to add more along the heel portion.

Air Jordan 1 High Nouveau Black/Gym Red-White

Looking at the kicks closely, you would think they are inspired by Minecraft thanks to the individual shells shining and defining the length of the shoes. The attention to detail however makes it look more than a pixilated shoe but rather, an exotic design made for those who appreciate the unique.

No release date for the shoes yet, but their price is set around $150.

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