Air Jordan 2 Low April 2016 Release Date – Everything Red

If you are a fan of the color red, then you will just love the new Air Jordan 2 Low included in Jordan releases 2016. Sneaker News has provided us with pictures of this new kicks from all side and – WOW, are they are just RED all over.

Air Jordan 2 Low Gym Red/University Red-Hyper Turquoise

Air Jordan 2 Low
Color:Gym Red/University Red-Hyper Turquoise
Style Code:832819-606
Release Date:April 2, 2016

The redness of the kicks can be quite distracting so that at first look, you would actually forget to consider the design itself and focus instead on how all-encompassing the color is. Upon further look, however, you would start to appreciate the Air Jordan 2 Low silhouette with the snakeskin upper and lined soles.
Air Jordan 2 Low Gym Red/University Red-Hyper Turquoise

The beauty of this model is that despite the fact that it is completely red, the red shade varies from one spot to another, therefore allowing for some change in the depth and division of the kicks. While the upper may sport a snakeskin design, the midsoles are of a deeper shade of red while the outsole is made slightly lighter, creating a light-dark-light layering of the same basic color.
Air Jordan 2 Low Gym Red/University Red-Hyper Turquoise

By red, we mean everything – which is why the tongue and laces are both done in the same shade. The only different color is the Wings logo placed on the center of the tongue, created in bold strokes of black intercepted with some red shade. Unfortunately, the back portion does not show any logo and instead displays a corrugated design that goes well with the snakeskin theme.

Air Jordan 2 Low Gym Red/University Red-Hyper Turquoise
From the top, you can see that the interior of the kicks are made in a very light shade of green with the red Jumpman logo placed inside, right where the heels would rest. Flip the kicks and you have got the same basic bottom pattern with a green NIKE engraving on the center.

All in all, if it were not for the absolute redness of the kicks, the Air Jordan 2 Low would be a pretty basic model. The shade is what really pulls the eye to the shoes so unless you are a lover of red, this might not be for you. If you’ve got the right clothes for it, however, the Air Jordan 2 Low can be worn practically anywhere.

Air Jordan 2 Low Gym Red/University Red-Hyper Turquoise
Meant for an April 2 release date, these kicks will be available in all Air Jordan Brand stores nationwide although supplies might not be as extensive as you would hope. Price at $160, you better put in your reservations now before it runs out fast.

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