Air Jordan 12 “Wings” – Limited at 12,000

Air Jordan 12 Wings Black/Metallic Gold-White

Here’s the good news: the Air Jordan 12 “Wings” you are probably waiting for is now confirmed for release on April 2016. Unfortunately, there is no specific price yet so you will just have to wait and see how much this beauty would cost.

Air Jordan 12 Wings Black/Metallic Gold-White

Air Jordan 12 Wings
Color:Black/Metallic Gold-White
Style Code:848692-033
Release Date:April 2, 2016

Unfortunately, the price probably won’t be in the affordable range. That is because latest news on the model reveals that there will only be 12,000 Air Jordan 12 “Wings” to be produced by Nike – which means that if you don’t get one fast, you won’t get one at all.

Air Jordan 12 Wings Black/Metallic Gold-White
Before deciding if this is the one for you, however, let’s first elaborate on the model, starting with the color combination opted for by the Jordan brand. It is essentially a black and white colorway with gold metal thrown in, obviously an attempt at a classic on the part of Nike. From the looks of things, they have managed to hit their goal with the “Wings” looking good from the pictures released through Sneaker News.

Air Jordan 12 Wings Black/Metallic Gold-White
The bottom portion is mainly done in white and the top half is done in black. When we say ‘bottom’, however, we are not just talking about the soles or the trim. The white leather bisects the trim, running towards the side and stops just before it reaches the heel. Everything else after that is done in black – which means that the trim features two colors: black and white.
The gold can be spotted along the sides and as part of the lace design. The tongue is also done in black along with the shoelaces, ensuring that the black-white color combination is not interrupted.

Air Jordan 12 Wings Black/Metallic Gold-White
Now the question you probably want to ask is: what about the Jumpman logo? In truth, it is hard to tell. To build up the excitement for the model, it seems as though Air Jordan decided to show only one side of the kicks, therefore making it hard to see what’s on the tongue and the heel portion. Following tradition, however, it is a good bet that a logo of Air Jordan or Nike would be placed on the tongue and the heel.

Air Jordan 12 Wings Black/Metallic Gold-White
This is just one of the Jordan releases 2016 so if you are not one of the lucky few to get this model, don’t worry! There are still more colorways set for release so you will have more choices in the future. Unfortunately, that is just how it goes: some models are limited and others are not.

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