Air Jordan 6 GS – Something for the Kids

Air Jordan 6 GS White/Ghost Green-Hasta-Bright Mango

Perhaps one of the most iconic silhouettes today, the Air Jordan 6 was once worn by the great man himself during a game. Granted, the 2016 release is bound to be largely different that the one Jordan wore back in the day, but there is no question that the design still has that charismatic pull.

Air Jordan 6 GS White/Ghost Green-Hasta-Bright Mango

Air Jordan 6 GS
Color:White/Ghost Green-Hasta-Bright Mango
Style Code:384665-114
Release Date:April 30, 2016

Bad news though, this is one of the Jordan releases 2016 that is only available in GS – at least for now. Hopefully, adult versions will be available soon but for now, just enjoy them or buy one for Junior.
It is not surprising that the Air Jordan 6 GS is meant for the kiddies alone – the color combination is incredibly exciting and speaks of youth from practically every angle. Sure, the upper portion is done mainly in white which might not be ‘kid material’, but the bottom portion is more child-friendly. It starts with a smattering of yellow green along the outsole with a bit of orange for the midsole and a red-splattered-black layering on top. It almost feels like a bubblegum layering theme, but with more emphasis on the green.

Air Jordan 6 GS White/Ghost Green-Hasta-Bright Mango
The laces are done equally in white so as not to distract from the bottom colors of the kicks. The tongue, however, went another way, colored in plain black for the same purpose. Adorning the center of the tongue is the Jumpman logo done in yellow green colors, matching the shade of the soles. A green lace lock is also included, this one displaying a black Jumpman logo.
Unfortunately, Sneaker News hasn’t released pictures of these kicks from other angles so we can’t tell if the heels are adorned with the same yellow green Jumpman icon. It doesn’t really matter though since we have seen plenty to decide that this would be one of the more exciting releases for 2016. Somehow, Air Jordan managed to combine sedate and quirky in just one model and make it look good despite the uniqueness of the color combination.
The Air Jordan 6 GS is meant for an April 30th release which gives you enough time to decide whether this would be your kid’s gift for the year. If you are single though, just wait some time and there is every hope that the Air Jordan 6 GS will be re-released in adult sizes.
The current model is available for $140 in selected Jordan Brand stores so put in your order now if you love it.

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