Air Jordan 9 Low Pantone–University Blue and White

Air Jordan 9 Low Pantone White

Scheduled for a June release, the Air Jordan 9 Low “Pantone” is an eye catcher if there ever was one. Designed with a very signature blue color combined with pristine white, the kicks managed to create an impression unlike any other.
Air Jordan 9 Low Pantone White

Air Jordan 9 Low Pantone
Style Code:832822-401
Release Date:June 11, 2016

The colorway is essentially University Blue and white with a hint of navy blue along the mouth edging of the shoes. The white is limited to the soles which somehow highlights the blue shade of the upper portion. Detailing can be found all over the body of the sneakers, showing distinctive pockmarks that adds to the depth and dimension of the kicks.

Air Jordan 9 Low Pantone White

The tongue and laces are made in the same shade of blue. Looking at pictures shown through Sneaker News, however, you can tell that the tongue is covered by a lacy, netted surface – possibly to allow breathing room for the wearer. The laces which are rounded rather than flat, zigzag through sophisticated eyelets and have no lace lock to speak of. The interior is done in red with a smattering of black.

Air Jordan 9 Low Pantone White

The soles are pristine white with little bumps that add to the overall design of the kicks. Lifting up the shoes, you can easily spot the number 23 design on the heels, done in basic white stitching. On top of the 23 is a circular logo of the Jumpman. In all honesty, the Jumpman logo here is a little disappointing since the color makes it tough to see the icon. Fortunately, the number 23 is highly visible so at least you can instantly tell the Jordan brand with this icon.
Air Jordan 9 Low Pantone White

On the other hand, the tongue doesn’t display the Jumpman but boasts of an AIR Jordan stitching on a black cloth stamped onto the center of the tongue. Fortunately, this one’s pretty easy to spot so you don’t have to squint your eyes in order to distinguish the brand.

Air Jordan 9 Low Pantone White
The only other appearance of the Jumpman icon is along the sole, somewhere along the end portion of the shoes. Although fairly small, the Jumpman icon on this part of the kicks is done in blue amidst a white background, making it really pop out from view. Flip the shoes and you’ll notice a plain white bottom portion with complex markings.
Air Jordan 9 Low Pantone White

One of the more attractive Air Jordan 2016 releases, you can expect these shoes on the stores soon for the price tag of 170 USD. That’s a pretty average price compared to all the other Air Jordan colorways out in the market today.

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