Adidas NMD_R1 White Camo to Hit the Market in May

adidas NMD_R1 FTW White (White Camo)

Adidas has been the maker of some of the unique kicks ever sold in the market. With the new products, Adidas release dates 2016 become more interesting as the brand decided to release a Camo Pack series. The Camo Pack includes the adidas NMD_R1 “White Camo” that will be released in the future.
adidas NMD_R1 FTW White (White Camo)

adidas NMD_R1 FTW
Color:White (White Camo)
Style Code:BA8600
Release Date:May 21, 2016

People have been looking forward to the release of “White Camo” since its other siblings made it to sneaker news and the stores. Despite being looking simpler and the other pieces in the collection that have far more electric color, the “White Camo” has its unique beauty that many Adidas fans definitely anticipate.
adidas NMD_R1 FTW White (White Camo)

The combination of offwhite shade, gray and white color shades creates the cool camo effect on the primeknit upper that makes it consistent with the other earlier-released model. The color combination on the primeknit silhouette makes it a good piece of kicks to collect or use for daily playing. Aside from grays, the black shade also adds as a great accent to the piece, bringing life to the camo effect that many people want to own for their kicks collections.
adidas NMD_R1 FTW White (White Camo)

What makes Adidas NMD_R1 “White Camo” unique is the use of dirty white on the outsole as well as the rubber accents on the sides make the footwear an amazing piece to collect and show off in buyers’ Adidas collections. Complementing this dirty white accents is the textured white midsoles that support the primeknit upper. The textured midsole complements the woven camo print on the upper that guarantees great piece for collectors who are into rugged-looking shoes.
adidas NMD_R1 FTW White (White Camo)

Accenting the upper is the dirty white accent on the ankle area and the white shoelace holder. The white lace complements the camo effect on the primeknit upper and looks great when worn or on display.

While the piece looks great, it still has a cheap price tag of around $170, which is meant for buyers who love to own branded kicks while wanting to save money. When it comes to durability, this product is also known to work effectively for playing and for daily casual use.

adidas NMD_R1 FTW White (White Camo)
Watch out for this product as it will drop in stores on June 1, 2016. All the other Camo Pack pieces have been released before in stores, so the adidas NMD_R1 “White Camo” is the next big thing to watch out for. Keep on tabs with other news related to adidas NMD_R1 “White Camo” in order to ensure you will know which stores will have it in their investories.

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