Air Jordan 11 Low White/Varsity Red-Black – Stunning Combo

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Varsity Red-Black

Scheduled for availability on June, the Air Jordan 11 Low White/Varsity Red-Black is among the “Air Jordan releases 2016” catching the eye of the masses. Not really surprising considering the brilliant combination of white and red, creating that appealing colorway that looks fine no matter how and where you put them on.

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Varsity Red-Black

Air Jordan 11 Low
Color:White/Varsity Red-Black
Style Code: 528895-102
Release Date:June 4, 2016

It’s a little confusing where the black portion comes from however, especially since there are no discernible black streaks to be seen from the original images released by Sneaker News. Flip the shoes back however and you’ll understand exactly where the black comes from. Although not instantly obvious, there’s a bit of black in the flooring of the shoes, certainly not enough to distract from the stunning red-white color combination.

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Varsity Red-Black

The white by the way covers most of the shoes. The red looks like it’s made from a different material – slightly tougher and a whole lot shinier than the white portion. Forming a red band, the scarlet strip runs around the shoes, encompassing at least half of the upper and circling the heel portion. The white starts from where the laces are supposed to go all the way up. So basically, the laces and tongue are all done in pristine white with the laces made out to be round rather than the typical flat.

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Varsity Red-Black

As mentioned, the tongue is done in pure white and from the looks of it, there’s no obvious Jumpman icon on the topmost center of the tongue. Instead, you can see a miniscule Jumpman icon done in red in the middle-center of the tongue, bright enough to be seen against the whiteness of the material.
Air Jordan 11 Low White/Varsity Red-Black
The soles appear to be translucent with traditional markings, to be expected of an Air Jordan. The back portion where your heels are supposed to go contain another Jumpman logo, this time equally as small as the one found on the tongue. Done in red and positioned a little bit higher than usual, the Jumpman stands out from the white material.

All in all, it’s a pretty great colorway. Not too daring on the part of Nike, but it’s obvious that they’re going for something timeless here.

Air Jordan 11 Low White/Varsity Red-Black

The original Air Jordan 11 Low White/Varsity Red-Black was first released in 2001 with a price tag of $115 so hopefully, it would be sold for roughly the same amount this time around. If you like these classic shoes then you have to place in your order now. These are slated to hit the store shelves this coming June.

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