Adidas Ultra Boost Core Black – Triple White’s Shadow

adidas Ultra Boost Core Black/White

Trust Adidas to hit both sides of the curve with their Adidas Ultra Boost “Core Black” design due for a May release. Sneaker News gave a peek at these kicks and it is easy to see that they are the exact replica of the Triple White 2.0, albeit sporting inverse colors. Hence, if they don’t get you with the white version, they would at least get you with the black version. Of course, if you are like many of the sneaker fans today, you would fall in love with both colorways.

adidas Ultra Boost Core Black/White

adidas Ultra Boost Core
Style Code:BB3909
Release Date:May 12, 2016

The body is primarily done in black white a whitish Continental outsole with excellent traction. The body is done completely in the black shade but Adidas decided to add some texture and depth through the use of varying materials. This is done with the leather lining along the sides and corner of the kicks matched with mesh material for the majority of the shoes. All in all, you can see the varying dimension from one to another, creating the clean-cut design that manages to look classic and stylish at the same time.

adidas Ultra Boost Core Black/White
In gold shade, there’s the Ultra Boost lettering found along the backside of the kicks, adding silent elegance to the overall look. The tongue and laces are also done in black so you are not distracted from the body of the shoes.

To wrap it up, the Adidas Ultra Boost “Core Black” makes for an excellent purchase if you are in the market for a classic. It is a good bet that these kicks would be a favorite, looking great in practically any situation and at any time. Bearing in mind that they are offered by one of the most reputable brands in the shoe industry today, you can be sure that these kicks are 100% durable.
adidas Ultra Boost Core Black/White

Of course, this is just one of the few kicks released under the Adidas name this year. If you don’t like the Core Black, there are several more lines to choose from. It’s a bit surprising however if you don’t find yourself admiring these shoes even a little as the clean lines and traditional colors makes it appealing to practically every person. The elegant simplicity of Core Black is rivaled only by the Triple White.

adidas Ultra Boost Core Black/White
For more information about Adidas release dates 2016, make sure to stay tune with Sneaker News and find out the corresponding prices for these models. The Triple White 2.0 is being sold for $180 so it’s a safe bet that the “Core Black” will be sold for the same amount.

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