Air Jordan 6 Retro GG – Something in GS

Air Jordan 6 Retro GG Black/Cool Grey-White

You don’t want to miss the Air Jordan 6 Retro GG – considering how seldom it is for Air Jordan to actually release GS versions of their best colorways from Sneaker News.
Air Jordan 6 Retro GG Black/Cool Grey-White

Air Jordan 6 Retro GG
Color:Black/Cool Grey-White
Style Code:384665-010
Release Date:May 21, 2016

That’s right –this model is released in GS, which is actually pretty obvious considering the colors of the kicks. Featuring a combination of white, black, and violet – it is a very trendy release that just calls out to kids everywhere. With an enviable silhouette to match, the Air Jordan 6 Retro GG is already available in many stores today.

Air Jordan 6 Retro GG Black/Cool Grey-White
The primary color for the shoes is white with the violet used as an underlying shade. You can easily see the differences between the depths as the white layer rests on top of the violet, creating that beautiful crisscrossing design. Stylish holes are found on the surface, strategically located so that there’s sufficient room from air circulation. Considering how wearers of Air Jordan kicks live the active lifestyle, this functional addition is definitely a must.

Air Jordan 6 Retro GG Black/Cool Grey-White
The black shade is confined to the side linings, accentuating the white and violet colors, allowing them to stand out even more. The laces are done in white so as not to distract from the purple shade. The tongue, however, is done in violet and so is the lace lock.

The soles are a combination of colors with a very obvious translucent blue lining as the outsole. The heel portion is done in black with the midsole kept white. The truth is that it’s a layering the black-white-translucent color which looks perfect together with the violet portion of the upper.
Air Jordan 6 Retro GG Black/Cool Grey-White

The heel is adorned with the Jumpman logo – as expected. However, the icon is not done in violet but in red – making it even more obvious amidst the white background. Flipping the shoes on its back, you can see the Jumpman icon again, this time a little bigger, almost covering half of the bottom of the shoes.
Air Jordan 6 Retro GG Black/Cool Grey-White

With the Air Jordan 6 Retro GG available in GS, you should grab one right now before school starts. Since violet is a neutral color, it can work for both girls and boys – so long as you find the right size for you. It’s expected that more will be added to the current stock but just in case, put in your reservation now. The model sells for $200 which is a little expensive – admittedly the only drawback of this model. Considering the style and quality, however, it’s worth it! Keep updated for Jordan Release Dates 2016.

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