Air Jordan 12 OVO – Keeping it Distinctive

Air Jordan 12 OVO White/Metallic Gold-White

If you are in the hunt for a signature pair of Kicks from Air Jordan, you can’t do much better than the Air Jordan 12 silhouette. Quite possibly the most distinctive shoe design in their line, the only thing that makes them more outstanding are its color.

Air Jordan 12 OVO White/Metallic Gold-White

Air Jordan 12 OVO White/Metallic Gold-White
Size Run: Mens
Color:White/Metallic Gold-White
Style Code:456985-090
Release Date:July 30, 2016

The Air Jordan 12 OVO is a beautiful combination of white and gold, creating a classic design that just screams style from every angle. The pristine whiteness of the body blends well with the gold, making these shoes look like they are fit to be worn on the red carpet.

Air Jordan 12 OVO White/Metallic Gold-White

For all the whiteness however, there is no way you can call these shoes plain. A gold colored plate rests along the sole line, boasting of the words JUMPMAN, which is easy enough to see from far away. The tongue and laces are both done in white but there is a distinctive line of gold locks along the side, emphasizing the line where the tongue meets the opening of the shoes.

The center of the tongue boasts of Jumpman logo, also done in gold. Along the heels, you can find the number 23 which is a reference to none other than His Airiness.

Air Jordan 12 OVO White/Metallic Gold-White

The trim bottom portion shows a white portion with a texture that is slightly different from the overall body of the shoe. Looking a lot like snakeskin but with a purer texture, it is tough to give a name to this material – but it definitely works into the overall impact of the Air Jordan 12. Of course, let us not forget the signature vertical-curving lines that run along the silhouette which is something you will not easily find in other Air Jordan models.

Note that a close version of these kicks were released in 2014 but the 2016 version promises to be even better.

Air Jordan 12 OVO White/Metallic Gold-White

All in all, the Air Jordan 12 OVO is definitely something you would want to have in your collection, if not to wear then at least something you can display in a glass case. Despite being a work of art aesthetically however, there’s no question that even the build of the shoes are quality. Coming from a reputable model, the Air Jordan 12 OVO is made with only the finest quality materials, creating durable shoes that will likely NOT fail you in court.

Air Jordan 12 OVO White/Metallic Gold-White

For more information about the Air Jordan 12 OVO and other Air Jordan releases 2016, check out more sneaker news. In the meantime, you should know that these kicks are already available online.

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  1. Will they only be available online? I’ve asked several stores near me in Houston and and they say they aren’t getting them.

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