Air Jordan 2 Low – Midnight Navy Scheduled for Release

Air Jordan 2 Low White/University Blue-Midnight Navy

Looking for the latest Jordan release dates 2016? The Air Jordan 2 Low “Midnight Navy” might yet interest you as the latest colorway coming from Nike. The Air Jordan 2 Low silhouette isn’t exactly a stranger and has been a favorite in the market, enjoying numerous colorways and a smashing success among buyers.

Air Jordan 2 Low White/University Blue-Midnight Navy

Air Jordan 2 Low
Color:White/University Blue-Midnight Navy
Style Code:832819-107
Release Date:June 11, 2016

For the Midnight Navy, Nike decided to opt for a cooler look than the Gym Red design sold under the same silhouette. Using a combination of white and deep blue, Midnight Navy carries a distinction that easily makes it a classic. The Midnight Navy coloring is mostly found along the edges of the shoes along the mouth and the interior of the kicks. The same shade is beautifully placed in a line on the middle of the soles for that distinguished design. The outsole is done in a lighter shade of skyblue, creating a beautiful contrast against the whiteness of the soles itself.

Air Jordan 2 Low White/University Blue-Midnight Navy

The rest of the shoes are equally done in white with very distinctive markings that create depth and texture to the shoes. No need for the typical color-layering technique accomplished for other shoes, the Midnight Navy uses the materials themselves for that necessary texture that can be spotted a few feet away.

Air Jordan 2 Low White/University Blue-Midnight Navy

Unfortunately, the images of the shoes don’t reveal exactly what the tongue looks like for its buyers. From the sides however, it can be said that the tongue is also done in white with the Jumpman logo placed on the center. The heels feature a ribbed design in sky blue coloring that extends to the sides and almost to the center of the shoes. There’s no Jumpman icon to be spotted here, confining the signature logo to the front-center of the kicks. Flip the shoes on its back and you’ll find a combination of sky blue and white with grooves following a circular pattern.

Air Jordan 2 Low White/University Blue-Midnight Navy

Of course, this is just one of the new Jordans 2016 available today. Note that in the past few months, Nike actually released several other Air Jordan 2 Low silhouettes including Chicago and Gym Red. The Midnight Navy is the latest in the line and from the looks of the feedback, will be the most received in the market. That being said, better put in a reservation before stocks run low.
Air Jordan 2 Low White/University Blue-Midnight Navy
Air Jordan 2 Low Midnight Navy will be available for buyers on June 11, 2016 which shouldn’t be far from now. According to reports though, you can already place your orders through eBay. The item will be sold for just $160.

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