Adidas Originals Gazelle Perforation Pack – Summer Shoes

If you’re looking for the perfect summer shoes, there’s really no need to look anywhere else. Sneaker News revealed the Adidas Originals Gazelle Perforation Pack which is originally made to handle the heat.

adidas Gazelle Perforation Pack
By pack, we mean there’s more than one colorway available in the market today. In fact, there are three choices for you so you can easily get the one you love best or get them all, no matter what works for you.
adidas Gazelle Perforation Pack
The colors are green, blue/violet, and what appears to be a combination of pink and orange. It’s hard to pin the actual colors by Adidas – but you can instantly tell that they’re going for the cool summer mood. Using pastels that bounce color instead of absorb it; these kicks are designed to keep you comfortable as you sojourn through the summer heat.
adidas Gazelle Perforation Pack
The material used is perforated nubuck for a very airy interior. The perforation helps circulate the air in the shoes so that you’ll never have to worry about sweating too much in those kicks, keeping you cool and comfortable no matter what you’re doing.
adidas Gazelle Perforation Pack
The upper is enhanced with stripes running down the side of the shoes. The tongue and heel portion are also kept white, creating that beautiful summery contrast between two light-friendly colors. The unmistakable Adidas logos are proudly displayed on the center of the tongue and the heel in colors that match the general theme of the shoes. Aside from the icon however, there’s also the wording “Gazelle” placed on the side of the upper, saying exactly what silhouette the shoes belong in.
adidas Gazelle Perforation Pack
The soles are kept white and simple with virtually no engraving or style on the surface. The shoes don’t really need it with the colors thriving better without any other strong colors used. Adhering to what seems to be a two-color limit for the Gazelle; even the shoelaces are made to match the shade of the trim. Hence, expect green laces for the green kicks, violet for the blue/violet one, and so on.
adidas Gazelle Perforation Pack
With no Adidas release dates 2016 for the Adidas Originals Gazelle Perforation Pack as of this writing, you’ll just have to stay in the loop to find out exactly when these kicks will be available. No prices have been announced as well, but we’re hoping that they won’t be too expensive for a world-class model. Hopefully, the price per piece would cost less if you actually buy the whole pack. Still, the stylish simplicity of the kicks is definitely more than worth it.

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