Air Jordan 5 Retro OG – Metallic Black July Release

Air Jordan 5 Retro OG Black/Fire Red-Metallic Silver-White

There are literally dozens of kicks set for Jordan release dates 2016 – and the Air Jordan 5 Retro OG is just one in the list. This OG however grabs more attention than most for the simple fact that it’s an OG and therefore earns it’s very own spot in history. Of course, the kick ass colorway design by Air Jordan further boosts the standing of this piece, making it incredibly easy for buyers to decide in favor of this July release.
Air Jordan 5 Retro OG Black/Fire Red-Metallic Silver-White

Air Jordan 5 Retro OG
Color:Black/Fire Red-Metallic Silver-White
Style Code:845035-003
Release Date:July 23, 2016

Dubbed as the “Black Metallic”, you can probably guess exactly what colors combinations are used through that name. The combination of black and metallic silver certainly makes a statement, making it remarkably easy for viewers to remember the shoes. The black is mostly confined to the upper portion of the kicks in a long and elegant sweep that covers the laces. The tongue however is done in silver, making it stand out from the overall design. On the center there’s the unmistakable Jumpman logo which is stitched in red. It makes the icon pop out from the classic colors, making no mistake exactly where these kicks came from. There’s a silver mesh on the center which helps prevent the shoes from looking like a boring shade of basic black.
Air Jordan 5 Retro OG Black/Fire Red-Metallic Silver-White
The soles are a combination of silver and white, the white mainly confined on the front and fading into stripes of silver along the back. The outsole is a very slim run of what appears to be translucent blue, just to add a bit of pop into the design.

As for the heels, there’s this stitched silver wording of Nike accompanied by the Swoosh icon. They’re stitched onto the black material so that the silver really grabs the eye. To make the kicks easier to use, Air Jordan throws in a lace lock which appears to be red with some edging of transparent plastic.
Air Jordan 5 Retro OG Black/Fire Red-Metallic Silver-White
As mentioned, the shoes are set for release on July 23 this year with a price tag of $220. It’s a little pricey than other Air Jordan sneakers – but the OG tag gives it a little more right to demand a steeper cost. Of course, just because it’s OG doesn’t mean you’ll love it immediately. If the Air Jordan 5 Retro OG isn’t to your taste, there are other kicks scheduled for release. Just make sure to check out Sneaker News as often as possible so you don’t get behind the latest information about the favorite sports shoe brand.

They’ll be available soon so if you want them, make a reservation now.

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