Air Jordan 6 “Olympic” – A Nod to the Games

Air Jordan 6 Retro “Olympic”

This year’s Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and in keeping with the Air Jordan tradition, here’s to hoping that an “Olympics” shoe will be released.
For now however, it’s best to look back and check out how the popular brand deal with the past Olympics through their shoes. As you know, there’s a pretty good chance that the new design would be looking back on the past ones, offering a glimmer of older colorways as a pattern for the 2016 model.

There are actually several very colorful Air Jordan models made available during the Olympics, all of them taking on the Air Jordan 6 silhouette. With the silhouette already distinctive as it stands, it’s not really surprising how the colorway managed to pull it off together.
Air Jordan 6 Retro “Olympic” Air Jordan 6 Retro “Olympic” Air Jordan 6 Retro “Olympic”
Start with the Air Jordan 6 Retro “Olympic Flag” which is quite possibly the most colorful release ever. It carries all five colors of the Olympic Rings, creating a burst of shades that’s really hard to ignore. This was released in honor of the 2008 Olympics held at Beijing. For this one, most of the colors can be found on the soles, creating a layer of yellow, red, and blue for the bottom portion. The upper part is done mainly in white to help balance the shades while at the same time making them stand out more. This sold for $150 which is fairly cheap by today’s standards.

More sedate releases include the Air Jordan 6 Retro “Olympic” as well as the Air Jordan 6 “Golden Moments”, both of which became available on 2012. The Retro model was actually debuted in 2000 but re-released for 2012 as a nod to the year’s sports event. The two are dressed in blue and gold respectively.

The Air Jordan 6 Retro “Olympic” is done mainly in white and midnight navy with some varsity red accents. The midnight navy coloring can be found mainly on the lower layer of the kicks as well as the midsole. The icons are kept red, probably to make it easier for them to stand out.

The Golden Moments design takes a combination of gold and white with the icons also done in the same shade of gold with hints of red. Instead of keeping the laces white however, Nike opted to use the same gold coloring as a way of balancing the whiteness of the tongue. White lace toggles and icy sole tops up the look.

Which one do you like best? Hopefully, Sneaker News will release images of this year’s nod to the Olympics. Check out Jordan release dates 2016 for more information.

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