Air Jordan 12 OVO – End of July Release

Air Jordan 12 OVO White/Metallic Gold-White

Get ready for the latest Jordan release dates 2016. One of the most anticipated models today is the Air Jordan 12 OVO, perhaps one of the most distinctive silhouettes of the Air Jordan line today for sneaker finders.
Air Jordan 12 OVO White/Metallic Gold-White

Air Jordan 12 OVO White/Metallic Gold-White
Size Run: Mens
Color:White/Metallic Gold-White
Style Code:456985-090
Release Date:July 30, 2016

Several images of the kicks from all angles have emerged on the web and with this colorway, Air Jordan did not disappoint. Opting for a classic look rather than a trendy one, the Air Jordan 12 OVO is a combination of clean white and gold accents for that timeless vibe.

The body is mainly done in white with a distinctive layer of stingray leather along the mudguards. The gold accents can be found on the sidelines of the laces, creating four distinctive lace holes that set off the whole look. Near the soles, you can also catch sight of a seemingly gold plate with the words JORDAN inscribed on the surface. The soles, tongue, and laces are all done in white and blend beautifully with the gold accents.

Air Jordan 12 OVO White/Metallic Gold-White
On the tongue you’ve got the Jumpman logo stitched in the same gold coloring. From the back, you’ll notice the number 23 done in white embedded on the soles. It’s a little disappointing how the number 23 is done in white because it’s a little tougher to notice them when worn. Fortunately, the gold Jumpman icon more than make up for this oversight on the part of Nike. Flip the shoes over and you’ll also find some interesting shapes and colors inputted by the shoemaker. Obviously, the bottom portion doesn’t really matter when worn, but it’s still worth pointing out.

What really makes the OVO distinctive however are the vertical lines running down the shoes, creating appealing markings that add depth to the design. The different material used at the bottom portion of the shoes allows for variety in texture, giving you a very memorable look. You’d think that kicks looking completely white would be boring but not with the Air Jordan 12 OVO.
Air Jordan 12 OVO White/Metallic Gold-White
Rumors have it that the shoes will be available in select Air Jordan stores on the 30th of July this year. That’s just a short time away so if you like these kicks, better make sure to put on a reservation now; otherwise you might find the stock dwindling fast. As for the cost, the Air Jordan 12 OVO price isn’t exactly known yet. There’s hope that it will no cost too much. Past Air Jordan kicks sold for $200 at the most while others are priced as low as $160.

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