Adidas Tubular Nova Primeknit Blackout to be Available this July

Footwear with tubular appeal may not be a top choice among many sneaker buyers. However, Adidas breaks out with another piece with such theme with the Tubular Nova Primeknit “Blackout,” it’s one of its latest piece to launch.


Looking at the overall design of this piece, people will easily know that it is the new piece to hit stores. The pair is cladded in Blackout colorway that shows the cool black color combined with other elements that make this a cool pair. In fact, the brand even came up with the “Triple Black” color that makes it a unique pair.

Tubular Nova Primeknit “Blackout” dons a primeknit upper, a material used in other models released by the brand, but coming up with a unique design by incorporating sock-like collar. This unique collar somehow gives wearers perfect fit whenever they use the sneakers. With this feature, buyers will be comfortable in using the sneakers for running or other physical activities.


This model will not be called tubular without the tubular treatment on the sole. The tubular sole gives it a durable appeal, which is ideal for people who take running and gym activities seriously. Despite having the tubular effect, the footwear is completely lightweight and can be easily used for any type of activity.


Tubular Nova Primeknit “Blackout” is also a good unit to wear for people looking for support while doing activities. The footwear has suede cage paired with heel straps that not only serve as design accents, but also have their own function. The suede cage connects with the round shoelaces for additional design element while ensuring the footwear stays on users’ feet. Despite the use of materials, buyers are guaranteed with durability since they are constructed perfectly by experts who thought of the overall style.


Other branding elements are found right on various areas of Tubular Nova Primeknit “Blackout”. On the usual tongue area, the brand placed its logo on a strap embedded along the sock cage. The heel cage also has branding by placing the logo although it is not as visible unlike the other branding elements.

Sneaker finders can easily find this pair online once stores already have it in their inventories. This model is reported to hit top Adidas sellers on July 29. Watch out to know more about the price tag placed on this new PK model.

Sneaker finders should stay tune to know more about Adidas release dates 2016.

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