Loving the New Jordan Horizon Low Premium Black

Jordan Horizon Low Premium Black

Sneaker news is rife with activity the past few weeks mainly because of new releases from well-known brands. Of course, one of the most talked about sneaker lines on the Internet is the Jordan Horizon Low Premium “Black”, which is part of the premium line of products which debuted this year.

What sets it apart from other sneakers is that it is really intended for the luxury market. Jordan Horizon Low Premium “Black” has upgraded the formerly mesh upper with an upscale diamond-quilted lush, black leather. The addition of black suede lace, not only provides contrast but also adds another level of poshness. It still has the trademark Jumpman logo stitched onto the tongue and the heel, making it feel every bit as a tribute to Michael Jordan, who is hailed as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

What You Should Look Forward to Jordan Horizon Low Premium “Black”

Jordan Horizon Low Premium Black

People who monitor Jordan Release Dates 2016 can attest that the Horizon Low’s new diamond quilted upper has completely changed the look and feel of these sneakers. The rest of the make up is similar to the Air Jordan 13. The release date has yet to be determined, but rumor has it that this pair will start selling for $180 or more.

Jordan Horizon Low Premium “Black” is another one of those retro models given a fresh twist to meet today’s lifestyle. It is a pair that can be worn for parties, photo ops, and more but versatile enough to be actually used on the hard court. It is footwear with premium materials, modern but classy design, and a look and feel that would make Michael Jordan himself proud.

This line of footwear is carried by sporting goods giant, Nike, and is released periodically. Now, this is the reason why sneakerheads all over the world are glued to sneaker news. They do not want to miss the release date of these new Jordan Horizon low pairs – or any of the designer models that are coming out.

Some stores offer pre-orders or reservations days or weeks before the release date of a new pair of sneakers. In other stores, lines form the night before and fans are only too happy to camp out o just to be among the first in line.

Indeed, sneakers have come a long way from being ordinary, street style footwear, to classy as well as luxurious collectors items favored by celebrities as well.

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