Air Jordan 12 Low “Playoff” to Parade with Other Spring 2017 Releases

Air Jordan 12 Low Playoff

Air Jordan started to release news about upcoming new Jordans for 2017. Included with these new releases is the Air Jordan 12 Low “Playoff” that is reported to be a part of the Spring 2017 lineup.

This is not the brand’s first time to promote the Air Jordan 12 Playoff as the brand previously released the same line. According to reports, the Spring 2017 piece will don the same colorway that the previous release had. The colorway combines black and white colors blocked strategically to give the footwear a unique look. The black upper is made from top grade leather, which is placed at the upper part of the footwear. This color also extends to the ankle area. Found in front of the shoes is the White-colored mudguard also made from leather. The white color extends towards the midsole throughout the entire footwear. On the other hand, a PE by Mike Bibby showed this pair to have black soles rather than white. The all black sole serves as an element that wraps the black leather upper and the white mudguard.

Air Jordan 12 Low Playoff

Although Air Jordan 12 Low “Playoff” is said to look the same as the earlier release, it’s also reported to have a different feature by dropping the top. It will also have black pull tabs that highlight the redesigned upper for the new model.

Since there are no concrete reports about the new pair’s final look, information on branding elements placed on the footwear is also limited. However, it may have the same branding elements like the Jumpman tag placed on the mudguard. This tag may be placed in grey or white color.

Details are also based on the original model. It will have the same black inner lining and tongues. A pair of round laces will tie up the pair while they are locked in place by metal eyelets, which give the entire design a modern and cool appeal.

As of the moment, Air Jordan 12 Low “Playoff” has a look that is familiar among Jordan fans. While it has its own look, some news reported comments about preferring the earlier Jordan 12 Playoff rather than the upcoming one. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the new model is unappealing, but some may still prefer the look of the original Playoff.

Jordan release dates 2017 will include the Air Jordan 12 Low “Playoff”. Watch out for upcoming news and updates about this model and stores that will bear this pair in their inventories. Tell us if you also plan to get this model as part of your Jordan collection.

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