Stay Classic With Nike Air Foamposite Pro

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Hyper Cobalt

Oh, you might not have seen it yet but sure you have heard of Nike Air Foamposite Pro which remains true to its reputation of a classic professional pair of sneakers. Whether you wish to sport some cool pair of kicks in your next game or you simply want to impress your date in a night out, feel free to slip into this signature shoes. Get to know more about this classic pro sneakers to see if this model fits your bill.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Hyper Cobalt

Nike Air Foamposite Pro
Size Run: Mens
Color:Hyper Cobalt/Black
Style Code:624041-403
Release Date:August 25, 2016

Keeping It Classic

When we talk about classic basketball shoes, the Nike Air Foamposite Pro will never be left out as it defies space and age with its astonishing vibrance. Promising a lot of swoosh, as in eight remarkable swoosh in every pair, you will always be reminded of the signature shoe making excellence. If you wish to go for a swoosh spotting game with this Nike Air model, you may want to check out the side panel for a relatively big swoosh embossed on the shoe. You can also spot another one on the upper back portion fairly noticeable although not that huge. So where are the other remaining swoosh? You will find one in the interior sole and another one on the exterior sole.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Hyper Cobalt

Aside from the numerous swoosh, Nike Air Foamposite Pro is also made interesting by the clean, smooth and assertive silhoutte available in several color schemes. Perhaps you will find the Royal Blue edition captivating given its dominating color with a touch of black. This pair of stunners is sure to grab the attention of the audience especially when you go sweeping the floor with your impressive dribbling techniques or flying up in the air for a precision jumpshot. Either way, you will have eyes feasting on the majestic vibe of your sneakers.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Hyper Cobalt

Keeping It Professional

What’s more about Nike Air Foamposite Pro? You can expect a professional basketball shoes designed to optimize your ball games. It takes pride of traditional design and technology that stood the test of time which is a sufficient guarantee of shoe making quality. You might be familiar of the foamposite upper feature that provides efficient interior cushion to keep your feet safe and comfy all throughout your basketball match. Yes, your feet are in good hands with this pair of Nike Air stunners.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Hyper Cobalt

No worries about slipping on the floor after a slam dunk, sneaker finders. The translucent rubber outsole delivers superior traction for a safe landing each time you get those feet busy off the ground. As some would put it, superior traction may equate to superior performance if you can make the former work for the latter.

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Nike Air Foamposite Pro Hyper Cobalt

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