Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon to Drop as a Waterproof Footwear

Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon

New Jordans are about to be released in the market as the brand becomes more adventurous in trying new things. One of these models that will have unique material is the Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon.
Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon

Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon
Size Run: Full Family Size
Color:Black/White-Gym Red
Style Code: 130690-004
Release Date:September 10, 2016

Jordan releases today like “Wool” are extremely interesting together with models like Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon that will use black nylon as is main material. This material is actually waterproof and will offer exceptional benefits for its users.

Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon

The brand decided to use full black color as its colorway. This is similar to other releases like Public School releases. Wrapping the black nylon material is a leather jacket placed on the front and back part of the footwear. This jacket complements the rugged look on the black nylon upper, which has ridges radiating from the heel upwards to the collar.

For the sole, the brand decided to use white rubber sole to complement the deep black color of the upper. But if you look at under the footwear, this white sole looks like a frame of that covers another layer of black outsole. Accenting these two main colors is a small panel of Gym Red color found towards the time.

Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon

The brand didn’t forget adding details to the Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon. In fact, they ensured that this model will have several to brand this unique footwear. The sole extending on the ankle area has an embedded “23” in black color to complement the model’s colorway. The tongue also has the Jumpman logo in Gym Red color. Complementing this branding element is the Jumpman logo on the top of the outsole. This sole logo is placed uniquely as looking in front of the footwear will give you a hint of the Jumpman icon embedded in black color. The white sole forms this logo and looks unique than other logo placement on soles. The strap connecting to the pull tab also has “JORDAN” in text to add as branding element for this cool model.
Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon
Since this model follows a high-cut silhouette, buyers are guaranteed to get ankle support they need while moving. A pair of round shoelaces keep the footwear secure in place.
Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon
Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon is reported to hit stores on September 10. Due to its material, the brand will offer this model at $190, a higher price tag than other models. News about Jordan release dates said that it will drop with other Jordan models like the Air Jordan 5 GS Raptors. Watch out for other developments about this model and know where it will be released to start reserving a pair.

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