Classy Blackout Air Jordan 1 Low Now In Stores

Air Jordan 1 Low Blackout

While black is a favorite color among sneakers brand, Air Jordan takes this classy color to the next level by unveiling the new Blackout Air Jordan 1 Low. This pair is one of the new Jordans to hit stores now.
Air Jordan 1 Low Blackout
Donning all black colorway, this low Air Jordan 1 possesses all the quality features that highlight black’s appeal. It’s constructed from full leather panelling placed strategically from the sides and on the toe area. Serving as accents are the black suede overlays from the collar running through the lace area to the outsole. The textured surface of the suede panels contrasts the shiny leather surface, giving this footwear an appeal only found in this line.
Air Jordan 1 Low Blackout
Other accents found on the Blackout Air Jordan 1 Low are the Swoosh logo placed using the same leather material. It’s placed on the usual area of the shoes. Although placed in black panels, it’s still prominent with the stitching serving as border for the logo. The tongue also has the Jumpman logo embossed on the leather material. Just like the Swoosh logo, the Jumpman logo is also prominent despite being embossed without using other light colors.
Air Jordan 1 Low Blackout
Behind the footwear is another surprise accent using the Air Jordan logo. It’s embedded with stitching to make sure it’s noticeable even when placed in a black background.

The Blackout Air Jordan 1 Low also has a low profile that makes it easier to use for any activity. Looking at the entire footwear, it seems light and easy to carry around. Its low profile silhouette also makes it a good footwear to use for daily casual wear.
Air Jordan 1 Low Blackout
Other features included in the Blackout Air Jordan 1 Low is the perforation on the toe area. The perforation serves as accent while allowing proper ventilation throughout the footwear. It’s also a feature seen in many other Jordan models, giving people the ability to enjoy this footwear when it comes to comfort.

The outsole also comes in plain black color. Even when viewed from the under part of the footwear, it doesn’t have any additional accents except for the usual round ridges meant to keep a sold grip on the floor. The rubber sole also has a lightweight feature, which is known for Air Jordan 1 Low.
Air Jordan 1 Low Blackout
The Blackout Air Jordan 1 Low is now available in several Jordan retailers including the Rock City Kicks. It’s available at $100, but you can still look for additional deals that will make this footwear more economical for you if possible. Stay tuned for other Jordan release dates to see the other pieces that will hit stores for the season.

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