Oh So Cool: Air Jordan 11 Wool!

Air Jordan 11 “Wool”

Care to get a share of cool Jordan basketball moves? Feel free to grab your own pair of Air Jordan 11 Wool to make the most of your shooting and dribbling skills. Learn more about this cool pair of kicks that will surely blow you away.

Air Jordan 11 “Wool”

What’s In It For You?

Perhaps you have already of AJ 11 being the brainchild of Tinker Hatfield who made it all possible. Imagine having your pair of sneakers with a touch of leather to lets you have fun all the way from the basketball court to the nearest bar for the after party. Sure, you would not want to keep them waiting for you to change your shoes to fit the celebration. You have got a versatile pair of sneakers ready to keep you company in your many activities.

There is so much more about this special collection of sneakers dressed in patent leather ranging from heel to toe for a formal silhouette. Not only that, the sneakers are further embedded with ballistic mesh perfect for the sporty look. This pair of shoes looks great that Jordan wore them during an NBA Championship and Space Jam. Feel the spirit of a champ when you slip into your Air Jordan 11 Wool that might take your team to the finals. But, you better work on your playing skills to make it all possible.

Anything Extra Special?

What makes the Air Jordan 11 Wool extra special is the textile fiber that lets your sneakers stand out. Wrapped in black wool which simply complements the white outsole, this AJ version would look good in your basketball jersey or your black tux. Thanks to its classic and minimalist appeal that can bridge your transformation from sporty to formal.

True to the AJ trademark, you can look forward to wearing an extra comfy pair of stunners. The wool version of AJ 11 takes pride of ultimate breathability blowing some air on your feet from time to time. And, you can expect the soft fabric wrapped around your foot to keep you cosy all throughout your game. It is also extra lightweight so you do not have to worry much about gravity for you can always defy soar high in your pair of basketball charmers.

Can’t wait to grab your very own pair of Air Jordan 11 Wool? Check out the Jordan release dates 2016 along with new Jordans to be among the first clients to get a hand of them. Your AJ collection will never be complete without a touch of comfy wool.

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