Air Jordan 9 Retro OG is Set for Release in December

Air Jordan 9 Retro OG

This year can is considered as the best year for new Jordans with the coolest designs available today. Making the list is the Air Jordan 9 Retro OG that joins the new pieces from the brand to grace the market this year.
Air Jordan 9 Retro OG

Air Jordan 9 Retro OG
Size Run: Mens
Color:White/Black-True Red
Style Code:302370-112
Release Date:December 3, 2016

Coming with the best appeal is the combination of black and white colors throughout the pair. It comes with a unique overall design and branding, allowing people to see the best of the best pairs from Jordan. Black panels are placed around the pair, making it look like a black cage accenting the upper’s surface. The black panels wrap around the collar going to the pulltab area then extending to the borderline of the outsole. Due to its placement, the black panel is made to look like a midsole. The white main upper panels are found throughout the piece, making it a good background for the black panels.
Air Jordan 9 Retro OG
Detailing is also an important part of this rebooted model. Details include the Jordan tag in text placed on the tag, which is different from the usual Jumpman logo or Nike logo often seen in Jordan models. This text is stitched in red color on a black tag. This tag is stitched on the black strip on top of the tongue, which is connected to the black strips connected to the black panel on the collar.

The Air Jordan 9 Retro OG still has the Jumpman logo, but is placed on the sides of the outsoles. It possesses the same red color that the Jordan texts has.
Air Jordan 9 Retro OG
For the outsole, it comes in the same colorway of black and white. Both colors are placed strategically. Rather than having the usual straight lines distinguishing the black and white colors, it uses wavy lines that extend to the front and on the heel area of the footwear.

This model first graced the market being a part of the Countdown Pack, which is one of the well-loved lines from the brand. For this year, the brand is relaunching the model as part of Retro Remaster model.
Air Jordan 9 Retro OG
Looking at the piece, it comes with a durable construction due to the sole design and the stitching found prominently throughout the upper. The high cut guarantees good quality that even active people can use.

Fans who are looking forward to get this model will have the chance to own a pair on December 3, 2016. It’s one of the new models that received Jordan release dates 2016, giving more chance to buyers to get their classic Jordans. Read more news about the Air Jordan 9 Retro OG to find out what it offers.

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