Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” Python Custom is Now Up for Grabs

Air Jordan 1 Chicago Python Custom

The new Jordans available in the market include some rebooted versions of the iconic pieces. One of these is the rebooted version of Air Jordan 1 “Chicago”, giving it a unique look that is suitable for everyone who is looking for the best 2016 models.
Air Jordan 1 Chicago Python Custom
The Shoe Surgeon is offering a new look for the Air Jordan 1 “Chicago”. The new design makes it worthy of the name Chicago Python Custom due to how the upper’s looks after customization.

The Shoe Surgeon presented earlier the “Banned” Air Jordan 1 Custom and the best one to follow his recent masterpiece is this rebooted Chicago design. The new model dons a combination of Red suede gator and accents using White Python details. The materials are constructed in a way as if the footwear has scales. Using red and white color give this footwear a surge of energy the brand is known for in applying on their products.
Air Jordan 1 Chicago Python Custom
Aside from the two main colors, the new Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” also includes Black shark detailing by using it on the Nike Swoosh. The same color is found in the inner lining and collar, making them good details that make this model stand out.

Adding additional accent is the flat white shoelaces that work well with the main colorway. The shoelaces’ ends are wrapped in metallic material that work as good accents for the footwear.
Air Jordan 1 Chicago Python Custom
Unlike other models, the Swoosh doesn’t wrap the entire ankle part of the sneakers. A red strip of suede gator accents the line connected to the Swoosh, giving it a look that many users will appreciate.

The amazing upper rests over the white midsole following the same silhouette of the classic Retro. This midsole also rests on a thin red outsole. Many people are still in love with this sole design that comes with the iconic model.
Air Jordan 1 Chicago Python Custom
Due to the overall look of the design, people can say that this is a rugged and durable model to use for casual or sporty style. The ruggedness also complete the model, giving it a great look that consumers like. The overall outcome also works well for active sports like basketball.

As of now, the model is available at The Shoe Surgeon. Buyers don’t have to search for Jordan release dates to stay updated with this model. They can go directly to The Shoe Surgeon’s website and get the Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” Python Custom.

Aside from this fresh model, stay tuned for other news about new Jordans to be released in the market and get the right model for you.

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