Air Jordan 1 High “Patent Leather” – Black is Back

Air Jordan 1 High Patent Leather

If you’re looking for new Jordans that have the potential to be a classic, you can’t go wrong with the Air Jordan 1 High “Patent Leather”. First off, it carries the distinguished silhouette of the Air Jordan 1 followed by the kind of coloring that makes it look good in practically any setting.
Air Jordan 1 High Patent Leather

Air Jordan 1 High Patent Leather
Size Run: Mens
Style Code:332550-017
Release Date:November 1, 2016

Black never gets old and the Patent Leather is here to prove it. Covered in dark midnight colors from top to bottom, designers added just a few accents to make the black stand out. To start off, the dark shading of the shoes aren’t the same all the way. There’s a variance in the depth of the color so that there’s still a bit of layering involved. While some parts of the shoes are done in rougher coloring of black, the others are smoother and deeper in color. The use of different materials also created a layering effect that added depth to the texture.
Air Jordan 1 High Patent Leather
Not to miss out on the logos, the Patent Leather features the Swoosh design, proudly emblazoned on the side of the kicks. There’s also the Wings logo on the side and to wrap it all up, the Jumpman icon on the center of the tongue. Each logo is differently embedded into the shoes for a different effect. For example, the wings is created in a depression-like pattern that lets it really stick into the side. The color is done in black but in a different shade so that the logo stands out.
Air Jordan 1 High Patent Leather
As for the Jumpman icon, the coloring is white amidst a black background. As a result, this center logo pops out more and would be easily caught by the eyes. The laces are kept in basic black – making it incredibly easy to replace should you lose them during laundry week.

As a perfect foil against the black, designers decided to keep the soles clean and simple in white. No complicated patterns here – just pure white that further highlights the black body of the kicks.
Air Jordan 1 High Patent Leather
Air Jordan 1 High “Patent Leather” is expected to sell for $150 which is a fairly low price for Air Jordan shoes. They’ll be available on shelves on the 1st of November this year. A fitting release to match the typical spooky celebrations for the day.
Air Jordan 1 High Patent Leather
Of course, if you’re looking for other Jordan release dates because these kicks aren’t your style, you can always check out what’s available online. The year 2016 has been quite fruitful for the Air Jordan brand so if you don’t like Patent Leather, you’ll surely find another model to suit your tastes.

Air Jordan 1 High Patent Leather

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  1. Looking for a pair of the black patent air Jordan 1 with white sole in size 10. As you has pictured on your site with a release date of November 1st.

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