Air Jordan 4 “Motorsports”—The Rarest Air Jordan

Air Jordan 4 Motorsports

If there’s something different that you need to watch out for in 2017, it will be the Air Jordan 4 “Motorsport”. This is not your usual Air Jordan shoe because it projects a sporty appearance to a higher level. One look at it and you’ll already notice the appeal that not all sneakers have. So if you are excited to know more about the Air Jordan 4 “Motorsport”, here are important bits of information:
Air Jordan 4 Motorsports

Air Jordan 4 Motorsports
Style Code:308497-117
Release Date:March 26, 2017

Rarest Air Jordan

It would be recalled that only members of Michael Jordan’s Motorsports team were able to grab pairs of Air Jordan 4 Motorsport. So by just considering that fact, you already know how special this shoe is. But now that it is finally scheduled for public release in 2017, everyone is just talking about it. Sneaker news sites are filled with queries and comments about its upcoming release because people can’t wait for that much-awaited date.
Air Jordan 4 Motorsports
What is so special about the “Motorsport”sneaker?

Aside from the privilege of owning a sneaker which was originally owned by a popular Motorsports team, its appearance also makes the difference. It features a varsity blue, white, and black color combination — by just examining these colors you can say that this is a special Jordan shoe. Any sneaker with a complete white leather on its upper portion is a winner. But it doesn’t stop there — you can also see black and blue detailing on its upper. It also possesses an extended midsole, which is one notable feature of the “Motorsport” edition.
Air Jordan 4 Motorsports
Release Date and Cost

With a rare and special Jordan sneaker out to debut publicly, you can just expect all Jordan aficionados to be so excited about its release date. But don’t worry because the release date was already announced — it will be on the 26th of March 2017. So you can now prepare to grab a pair for you and your loved one. But remember that you are not the only one who are rooting for this one-of-a-kind sneaker so brace yourself for a battle among Jordan enthusiasts.
Air Jordan 4 Motorsports
Since you already know when it will be out, you must also find out how much it costs. For your information, it will cost you $190. Its price is quite reasonable so you have a bigger chance to purchase this piece of beauty. As compared to other Air Jordan models with premium status, it is really cheaper.

But if luck does not smile at you, don’t worry. You can still buy other new Jordans with Jordan release dates in 2017. Just keep your eye on the goal and keep updated with sneaker news.

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