Jordan 1 Flight 4 “Space Jam” – Looney Reminders

Jordan 1 Flight 4 Space Jam

If you’re checking out Jordan release dates for new Jordans, the Jordan 1 Flight 4 “Space Jam” should definitely be something you check out.

I’m sure you remember the movie “Space Jam” which combined everyone’s favorite basketball player with the Looney Tunes characters. Well, these shoes are a reminder of those days – allowing you to practically travel in time with these kicks.

Jordan 1 Flight 4 Space Jam

Jordan 1 Flight 4 Space Jam
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Despite the cartoon-ish reminders however, Space Jam is far from the colorful kicks you would expect it to be. Made mainly of black with hints of blue, the shoes are the kind you can wear to practically any event.

Jordan 1 Flight 4 Space Jam

The official colorway name is “Black Concord” which should give you a fairly good idea of this kick’s personality. With the body completely done in black, the blue shading is kept on specific areas like the tongue and the side heel. On the center of the tongue, you have got the number 23 while on the side is the Jumpman logo, also done in blue.

On the small space connecting the tongue and the trim is a small print of the word JORDAN, adding just a touch of class into the mix. Other than those three dashes of color however, the Air Jordan 1 Flight 4 “Space Jam” is all black. Even the soles and the laces are done in black!

Jordan 1 Flight 4 Space Jam

That’s actually a good thing considering how tough it is to find replacement laces. Rest assured that should your laces get lost during laundry day; it’s easy enough to find the same color laces in practically any shore store today.

Creating a bit of design on the body, Nike opted to use different patterns and markings for the black body. There is no change in the materials used here – just strategic grooves and lines that add depth, texture, and personality to the shoes. The soles are kept straight and simple – the intent is obviously to create a classic rather than to shock the senses.

Jordan 1 Flight 4 Space Jam

All in all, it is a pretty good choice for those who are looking for that one perfect pair of Air Jordans that will last them a long time. If you’re looking for a classic – this is it! With black being perfect for practically any occasion – these are the kind of sneakers that can be worn during fancy nights out.

Jordan 1 Flight 4 Space Jam

Space Jam would be available before the year ends – if it isn’t on the shelves already. The price is set for $110 which is remarkably cheap, considering how much other Air Jordans cost today. Truly – you can’t go wrong by choosing this one!

Jordan 1 Flight 4 Space Jam

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