Air Jordan XXX1 “Space Jam”—20th Anniversary Shoe

Air Jordan XXX1 Space Jam

If you love the initial offering of Air Jordan Space Jam, you will surely adore Air Jordan XXX1 “Space Jam”. It is just as elegant and appealing as its predecessor—but with a remarkable twist. Without thinking twice, this sneaker could be easily in your Air Jordan wish list.

Air Jordan XXX1 Space Jam

Air Jordan 11 Space Jam
Size Run: Full Family Size
Color:Black/Dark Concord-White
Style Code:378037-003
Release Date:December 10, 2016

Before you get too amazed with this Space Jam shoe, let us first tackle what it is all about and what it can give you.

How precious is Air Jordan XXX1 “Space Jam”?

Without a doubt, this Air Jordan model is something special and something precious for it to be included in the 20th Anniversary offerings of Space Jam. But if you will really think it off you’ll wonder: how different is it from other Air Jordan shoes? Well here is a detailed description for you.
Air Jordan XXX1 Space Jam
Color scheme matters—and it was surely noted by those who conceptualized Air Jordan Space Jam. Its colors are definitely enticing. Imagine having black, anthracite and concord in one shoe? You could really come up with a nice picture in mind. But it is not just about the individual colors—it is actually the placement of these three colors that matters. Noticeably, its color scheme imitates that of Air Jordan 11—and it really feels just right. Its upper is colored black which also consists of patent leather detailing. To make the look more precious, it also includes white midsole, concord accents and an icy transparent outsole.
Air Jordan XXX1 Space Jam
On buying it

Now that you’ve already learned more about the appearance of Air Jordan XXX1 “Space Jam”, it is now time to decide whether you’ll buy it or not. If you are indeed an avid fan of Space Jam shoes, you could really consider putting it in your wish list. But it is not that easy; there are still many factors to consider, primarily its cost.

Air Jordan XXX1 Space Jam

Sneaker news has just previously released the retail price of Space Jam’s latest offering—and it stands at $185. For a premium sneaker like Air Jordan XXX1, it is relatively cheaper as compared to other shoes of the same stature. So if you think you have the luxury to buy this shoe, then you can definitely grab a pair of this beauty. It is coming out on the 3rd of December so you really need to gear up as you compete with other Air Jordan aficionados who also want to be the first to wear and brag about this premium sneaker.
Air Jordan XXX1 Space Jam
In case you failed to purchase this limited edition sneaker, don’t be sad. There will be new Jordans with Jordan release dates this year that can be yours soon.

Air Jordan XXX1 Space Jam

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