Air Jordan 4 “Royalty” to Hit Stores in January 2017

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

Joining the collection of new Jordans to hit stores in 2017 is Air Jordan 4 “Royalty”, an extremely cool footwear with amazing design with a luxurious feel. Buyers who are planning to get this model can prepare their collection now to make a space for this model.
Air Jordan 4 Royalty

Air Jordan 4 Royalty
Color:Black/Metallic Gold-White
Style Code:308497-032
Style Code: 308497-032

Looking cool in Black, the Air Jordan 4 “Royalty” is accented using White and Metallic Gold color to emphasize on the luxurious aspect of its overall design. The metallic accents work well with the Black nubuck used as main upper’s material.
Air Jordan 4 Royalty
Aside from using nubuck, the brand decided to add some hardware on specific parts of the footwear like the solid hardware placed on the collar area that attaches directly to one of the Metallic Gold accents. The hardware together with the metallic mesh detailing give footwear a rugged look, making it the perfect footwear for outdoor activities.
Air Jordan 4 Royalty
The soles come with three layers of material. The upper layer is a combination of black and white serving as midsole. The actual outsole is made from black rubber to complete the overall design.

This pair is called Air Jordan 4 “Royalty” for the other luxurious features that make it a standout piece. The Metallic Gold hardware found on the lace area accents the casual style of the lace, giving it a feeling of an expensive footwear. This metallic accent doesn’t end at the lace part as the brand placed Jumpman logos at the heel part of the footwear. This accent is made from polished gold finish to elevate its look. The tongue also has Jumpman logos embroidered in gold-colored thread. Under these logos is the word “Flight” embroidered in cursive letter using the same-colored thread.
Air Jordan 4 Royalty
The outsole also has its own accenting. Under the sole is rubber divided in three color. The tip and heel parts are designed with black-colored rubber. The middle part remains white, but with a black Jumpman logo at the center as main accent.

Another accent is the heel tab placed than the usual pull tab. This tab is wider than regular pull tab and designed with squares to make it look more unique than other models.
Air Jordan 4 Royalty
If you’re waiting for this product’s release dates, the brand released its release date. It will be available by January 2017. However, the brand hasn’t release news about actual release date. The brand also said that this model will be available for $190. Stay tuned for other Jordan release dates that will be released in the market to see the actual release date for Air Jordan 4 “Royalty.”

Are you excited to snag one pair of this sneaker?

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

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