Nike KD 9 Varsity Red – New Year Welcome

Nike KD 9 Varsity Red

Red is always an eye catching color and when combined with the Nike KD 9 silhouette, it’s tough not to stare at the resulting look.
Nike KD 9 Varsity Red

Nike KD 9
Color:Varsity Red/White
Style Code:843392-611
Release Date:January 1, 2017

This Varsity Red release features a combination of red and white which is actually a fairly basic concept for the Nike line. With a single Swoosh white logo placed on the side, the shoes aimed for a classic way of catching the public eye. Other than the color, the pattern of the trim is what really sets off these shoes. The diamond-like fabric pattern makes you think of high-class weaving done using only the best threads the market has the offer. As a result, there’s a signature design on the trim that still manages to lock in the shoes into the durable design expected of Nike.
Nike KD 9 Varsity Red
Due to the patterns and the obvious threads however, we won’t be surprised if these shoes are the kind that allows your feet to breathe comfortably. In any case, the below-ankle fit makes it the type of shoes you can just slide in and slide out of for those quick office-to-party turns.

The midsole are kept in the same shade of red while the outsole gets a plain white coloring. The tongue is also done in red with hardly any design placed on the center. Images suggest there’s a Nike logo there somewhere, but we can’t be too sure.
Nike KD 9 Varsity Red
The heels aren’t included in the press released images so there’s also no telling what you can find there. What we can say however is that the bottom is as simple as the outsole. It’s plain white with basic ribbing to add some friction and texture when walking with these kicks.

The interior boasts of a signature while the laces are kept in the same varsity red shade. They’re rounded and look easy enough to replace if you feel like it. You might have a hard time finding the exact coloring however – but we’re guessing that even white replacement shoe laces should do if you manage to lose the original ones.
Nike KD 9 Varsity Red
All in all, it’s a fairly good look. We also like to think that the Nike KD 9 Varsity Red is a nod to New Year fireworks since its actually set for a January 1 2017 Nike release date! If you’re looking for something to start the year 2017 right – look no further than the Nike KD 9 Varsity Red shoes.

But how much will it cost? Reports say the kicks will go for $150 which is fairly reasonable considering the cost of Air Jordan shoes in the market today. Check them out and get yours reserved now!

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