Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 – Muscles All Around

Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 Black White

Nike release dates are forthcoming as the last month of 2016 draws near with the Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 leading the pack. This particular pair is set for a December 6 release with a price tag of $160.
Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 Black White

Nike Air Max Uptempo 2
Size Run: Mens
Style Code:919831-001
Release Date:December 6, 2016

Bearing a black and white color combination, the first thing word that comes to mind after seeing these shoes is muscular. Nope – we don’t mean they’re very masculine but rather, it has muscle-looking strips that adds dimension to the shoes. The upper portion is done completely in black with strategically placed padding that creates bulges all over the shoes.
Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 Black White
A mesh design is incorporated in some parts of the kicks with the tongue kept sleek and straight, allowing it to blend easily with the rest of the body. The laces are equally done in black and are rounded – allowing for very easy replacement. If you’re the kind of person who loses their shoelaces often after washing, you’ll be glad to know that with these kicks, the laces will be easy enough to replace.
Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 Black White
In fact, you can use white laces to replace the black ones. This is still in keeping with the overall theme as Nike uses white for the soles of the shoes. With markings and curves for the bottom portion of the kicks, Nike finishes off the look with a bit of translucent material along the heel portion.

From the top, you can easily see the Nike logo placed inside the shoes. The back portion is devoid of any log. On the center of the tongue you’ll notice the word MAX stitched in the same black coloring. It’s a bit disappointing considering how the words practically combine with the overall color of the shoe body.
Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 Black White
If you like these shoes – make sure to put in your reservations now. With December literally just a few days away, it makes sense to be the first in line and have these kicks to welcome the holidays. Of course, if you’re not a fan of the Nike Air Max Uptempo 2, you can always check out other Nike models available in the market today.
Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 Black White
Built with the classics in mind, the Uptempo has the coloring of shoes that will last a long time. The bulging padding however may seem a bit out of touch and may not appeal to everyone. The fact that it adds depth and texture to the shoes is a plus though – especially since there are no other colors used for contrast purposes.

One things’ for sure though – the black and white color combo is a sure pattern if you’re looking for shoes that can be worn anywhere!

Nike Air Max Uptempo 2 Black White

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