Air Jordan 1 “Legends of the Summer”—Rarest Air Jordan Shoe

Air Jordan 1 Legends of the Summer

Inspired by Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake’s Summer” tour of 2013, Air Jordan 1 “Legends of Summer” is set to take Air Jordan fans by storm. With its amazing look, this sneaker will definitely be a shoe collection to die for.
Air Jordan 1 Legends of the Summer
Deemed as one of the rarest Air Jordan shoes to be released, the battle to grab a pair of this sneaker becomes tougher. But of course, the prestige of owning this shoe becomes greater. But before you decide right away, here are some useful facts about Air Jordan 1 “Legends of Summer”:

Overall look

When we talk about beautiful sneakers, we always think of colors and style. Colors easily complement style when combined appropriately. And when it comes to these two factors, Air Jordan 1 “Legends of Summer” exhibits high standards.Its color combination includes Red, White and Metallic. The way these two colors were utilized actually made the difference. It features a completely Red upper combined with premium faux-snakeskin, plus suede that incorporates Metallic finishes. Completing its magnificent look is the White detailing on the inner lining and tongue — and a transparent outsole.
Air Jordan 1 Legends of the Summer
How to buy it?

As mentioned earlier, there will be very limited stocks of this sneaker—and you cannot buy it at Jordan stores yet. You may try your luck by visiting online stores if they have stocks of this very rare shoe collection. You can also ask avid shoe collectors if they have a few pairs to spare for you. While there are no certainty that you will find a pair for you or your loved ones, do not lose hope because there are news saying that it is already available on eBay. Still, the stocks only come once in a while so you must really stay updated by tuning in to various sources. Also, be ready to shell out big amount of money for this rare Air Jordan sneaker.
Air Jordan 1 Legends of the Summer

Having said that Air Jordan 1 “Legends of Summer” is not intended for public release, you can also consider other shoe options. You do not need to stick to one shoe collection because there are many new Jordans that are just waiting to be released at select Jordan stores next year. If you are just quick enough, you will surely own a pair for you and your loved ones.

Sneakers with Jordan release dates in 2017 have already been publicized so if you are really determined to get an Air Jordan shoe, make sure to mark your calendars and start saving now. Check out other new Jordans in the market!

Air Jordan 1 Legends of the Summer

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