Air Jordan 1 Ultra High “Banned” – Classically Bold

Air Jordan 1 Ultra High Banned

Don’t get confused! The Air Jordan 1 Ultra High is not banned but named “Banned”, maybe because of its black, white, and red color scheme.
Air Jordan 1 Ultra High Banned
It’s oddly reminiscent of the Bred colorway which is popular in its own right. The Air Jordan 1 of course follows a different silhouette and is fairly high cut.

As mentioned, the color combination is black, white, and red with the black coloring covering most of the shoes. The red portion boasts of a different material in that it looks to be a weave pattern. Needless to say, this creates a distinctive texture to the shoes. The red is limited to the center trim and side ankle attachments with the Wings logo embossed on the center. The bottom heels are also covered by the weave-red pattern.
Air Jordan 1 Ultra High Banned
The tongue is kept black and simple with rounded shoelaces used to wrap up the overall look. That’s definitely a plus since you don’t want to find yourself having a hard time replacing the laces. With the Banned laces kept traditional, you’ll have no problem buying new ones just in case you lose the original at some point in time.

The center of the tongue boasts of a Jumpman logo – but not so big that you can instantly recognize it. For the most part, the Jumpman logo is limited to that little bit of clothing tag that juts out of the tongue. Fortunately, the logo is done in red so it’s easy enough to spot.
Air Jordan 1 Ultra High Banned
While the Jumpman logo is kept small however, the Swoosh logo is big and proud on the side of the shoes. It uses two colors with red as the lines and black inside the Swoosh. To be honest, it’s not a good look – Air Jordan should have kept the whole Swoosh décor red to make it pop out more.

Of course – who are we to argue with greatness when it comes to sneakers? Wrapping up the overall design is a plain white sole and a red slim outsole edging the kicks.
Air Jordan 1 Ultra High Banned
All in all, it’s a fairly eye-catching shoe with colors that are classically bold.

This new Jordan is supposed to be released soon but there’s no actual date given. We strongly encourage you to consistently check out Jordan release dates to find out whether Banned will be among those for sale. As for price, there’s also no indication of how much it would be. We’re hoping something along the lines of $150 to $200 since this is the average for many Air Jordan kicks.
Air Jordan 1 Ultra High Banned
No matter what the price though, the Banned shoes are definitely making a statement. Get them when you can! Also, you may check out other new Jordans in the market.

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