Off White Nike Air Force 1 Low – Classic Black Limited

Nike Air Force 1 Linen

It is tough to ignore a pair of shoes with the words “Nike” and “Air Force” in the title. It is, therefore, not surprising that this “Low” release has gotten lots of attention in the media.
Nike Air Force 1 Linen
This Off-White selection is labeled as limited edition and boasts of a simply unique approach to designing. The kicks are not exclusively Nike as it is actually collaboration with the Off White label based in Milan and founded by Virgil Abloh.

Its Design

Primarily done in black with a white outsole, it is easy to see this shoe as something that would remain in style despite the years.

The body is done completely in black together with the tongue and the flat laces. The center of the tongue has a Nike display with the Swoosh logo below.
Nike Air Force 1 Linen
The body of the shoes also has the Swoosh logo on display along the side. Slightly elevated, it is done in black and appears to be of a different material even though the shade has not changed.

Unfortunately, the images for the shoes are restrictive. It provides only one side of the kicks so it is hard to see what is on the back portion of the shoes. Thus, information about its whole design is a little scarce at the moment. What we can tell you, however, is that the black material has a suede feel to it with a texture that is patently obvious even through the images.
Nike Air Force 1 Linen
The outsole is done in basic white with alligator ribbings on the bottom. This makes it perfect for gripping – the ideal shoes for the busy streets of New York.

If you like these shoes, you better stay in tune for more sneaker news. Although images are already available, there is no specific date on when it will be out for buyers. Worse, there is no set price for the shoes. Considering how they are limited edition, it is not surprising if they will cost more than the typical Nike kicks.

Classically appealing – the Off White Nike Air Force 1 Low is something you would want to add to your collection.
Nike Air Force 1 Linen
So, do you think this particular sneaker is the right one for you? If this catches your fancy then you have to wait for more news as to when it is going to hit the market and how much it is going to be priced. Rest assured, we are going to update you about any new information about this model as soon as it becomes available.

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