Nike Air Force 1 Linen – Rumored Limited

Off-White Nike Air Force 1 Low

Definitely one of the more appealing Nike shoes today, this Nike Air Force 1 Linen is beautifully mellow with colors that just make you think of spring and autumn. Originally released in 2001, the shoes are making a comeback for the holidays.
Off-White Nike Air Force 1 Low

It is tough to describe the correct color of these shoes. Think mellow caramel for the body – or perhaps a shade that looks a lot like milky coffee. Either way, it has a very attractive color that has been beautifully blended with white. The Swoosh logo sits on the side of the kicks, done completely in a clean shade of pink. The outsoles are ribbed and look to be pale pink. The midsole, however, is done in thick white.

The trim comes with the signature breathable holes while the tongue seems to follow the same basic color of the body. The laces are flat ans well as kept white – making them beautifully easy to replace.
Off-White Nike Air Force 1 Low
From the images that cropped up online, you can tell that there is something placed on the center of the tongue. Unfortunately, the images are close enough to really see if Nike decided to make any changes for this linen edition.

Rumor has it that these shoes will be a limited edition – which means that you will need to get in line fast if you want them. According to sneaker news, they might not even be released outside of Miami.

Of course, those are all just rumors and we are keeping our fingers crossed. Right now, you might want to start saving up some money so you can be ready as soon it hits the shelves.

Release Date and Price

Sadly for us, there is no specific date and price given yet. Since it is for the holidays, however, expect it anytime soon.

All in all a fairly excellent design, this Linen release is bound to be repeated over the years, thanks to its popularity. There is no telling, though, so if you want them, better jot your name down now and reserve.

Since some information in this news are speculations, take this story with a grain of salt. In any case, we will update you as soon as any news about this particular sneaker arises, particularly on its price and release date. What is sure, though, at the moment is that this sneaker will be sold like a hotcake; as such, you have to stay tuned for any updates about it.

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