Nike Kobe AD – A Nod At Kobe

Nike Kobe AD Black White

Michael Jordan is definitely a legend – but let’s not forget all the other basketball legends today like Kobe and his impressive game stats.
Nike Kobe AD Black White

Nike Kobe AD
Style Code:852425-001
Release Date:December 16, 2016

As a nod to another legend in his own right, Nike releases the Nike Kobe AD with its black and white color scheme. At first blush, you can instantly tell that Nike did something new in honor of the fact that this is a completely different line from the Air Jordan series.
Nike Kobe AD Black White
To start off, the shoes are lower than usual with a long body and a mouth that seems to hit below the ankles. Done mostly in black, the tongue sports a unique white logo that’s slightly raised and embedded onto the black material. The good news is that there’s a white Swoosh icon on the side so there’s no way you’ll mistake this for any other brand.
Nike Kobe AD Black White
The material used appears to have a weave-like pattern instead of a basic straight design. From the back, you’ll also notice that the heel portion uses a different material that’s shinier than the rest of the kicks. Two different icons on the heels are strategically stitched onto the material using red colors that just pop out of the overall design. The icon choices are definitely interesting with a snake-like pattern and what looks to be Kobe’s signature.
Nike Kobe AD Black White
The soles are kept white and basic with practically no ribbing on the bottom. The laces are basic black and rounded – which should be very easy to replace if you lose the originals. The black and white color scheme means that you if you want to make these shoes pop up some more, you can replace the laces with white ones and it will still look great from any angle.
Nike Kobe AD Black White
Reports reveal that the Nike Kobe AD will be available this year, specifically on the 16th of December. Price is set at $160 which is more or less the average cost of Nike shoes. The only question now is whether you’d want to be the proud owner of these kicks or would you rather wait for a design that appeals more to your personality?
Nike Kobe AD Black White
All in all, the Nike Kobe AD looks like it has the feel of a classic. It’s not exactly an eye-catcher due to the basic combination. However, it does give off that silent exclusive vibe which should be a draw for all Kobe fans today. Looking at the bottom of the shoes, it’s safe to guess that these kicks aren’t mean to be worn during games. Instead, you can wear it practically anywhere else at any time.

Check them out soon! Also, you may check out other Nike release dates.

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