Nike Air Jordan 1 Rare Air – BOG Trio

Nike Air Jordan 1 Rare Air

The good news is that the Nike Air Jordan 1 Rare Air is back and available in three different colors. The bad news is that they won’t be out until 2017 – but that should give you lots of time to decide which pair you love the best.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Rare Air
With no definite date of release yet, would-be buyers are content to just look at the images released by Nike. First, there’s the black-white-blue combo followed by the black-white-orange and finally the black-white-grey. Other than the changes in color, however, there’s virtually no difference between these three when it comes to the material used.

The majority of the shoes are done in the 3rd color of BOG (blue, orange, or gray) as bits of white are added in between. The black is primarily contained in the center and the Swoosh design that’s prominently placed on the side.
Nike Air Jordan 1 Rare Air
The heels are in BOG colors with the words Nike Air stitched onto the surface. This high cut kicks also have the words Air Jordan along the side where the ankles are supposed to rest. Unlike the heel stitching, however, this looks like it’s made from a separate leather material.

The tongue looks like it’s done in black, although, to be honest – the pictures don’t really give you a fair idea of what it’s like. Here’s to hoping that the center tongue boasts another Nike logo!

The laces are flat and black – which should be great for those who tend to lose their laces. With this basic addition, you shouldn’t have any problem replacing the laces after you lose them that one time you washed the shoes.
Nike Air Jordan 1 Rare Air
The soles are kept plain in white with BOG outsole colors. A bit of ribbing can be seen on the edge as these shoes are made to grip the floor and keep you on your feet.

All in all, it’s a very classic take on a silhouette that’s already a classic. If we’re going to be honest – the best color would be the Grey one, but obviously, everyone’s taste is different. By providing three different shades under the same silhouette, Nike is giving their fans the chance to choose which color appeals to their personality best. Do you like the eye-catching orange or the cool blue? Perhaps you’re a fan of the blending gray? Regardless of what you choose – any of the three should be perfect.

The only question is how much and when? Unfortunately – we can’t answer that. But stay up to date with Sneaker News and pretty soon, there will be a date for the Nike Air Jordan 1 Rare Air pack.

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