Air Jordan 2 Legends of Summer DO You Want One?

Air Jordan 2 Legends of Summer

It is a shame how some of the best looking Air Jordan’s never see the light of day or at the very least, never make it to the people who would love to have them. The Air Jordan 2 “Legends of Summer” belongs to that group as these kicks are shown but never made available to the masses.

Air Jordan 2 Legends of Summer

This is why there is an ongoing clamor for the Legends of Summer to be included in the Jordan releases 2017. Held to be one of the best colorways released by Nike EVER, it is tough to argue with that statement considering the relative uniqueness of the design.

“Legends of Summer” was originally released in time with a Legends of Summer concert by Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z. Not surprisingly, these two artists got to be the proud owner of the shoes. This was way back in 2013.

Air Jordan 2 Legends of Summer

The question now is – when does the world get their chance to have them too?

Style in Red

Legends of Summer is primarily cloaked in red, making it one of the most eye catching designs to be produced by Nike.

Air Jordan 2 Legends of Summer

The toe top running all the way to the mudguard is cloaked by a layer of snakeskin-like red with the vamp providing a smoother texture of the same shade. It is interesting to note that Air Jordan made use of three different materials for these kicks: the snakeskin red, the velvety red, and a classic smooth leather red. The result is a stunning contrast in texture even though the shade is practically the same throughout.

Of course, the soles are in the same rubbery red material. The laces are flat and plain red, making them wonderfully easy to replace should you find the need.

Air Jordan 2 Legends of Summer

On the center of the tongue, you’ve got the Wings logo, this one done in basic white. That is really the only varying shade on the whole shoes, ensuring that you can’t help but notice the logo. You can also see the words NIKE on the heels with a ribbed notch at the bottom from the back.


So do you want this to be part of the new Jordans? If so, you’d be interested to know exactly how much these shoes would cost IF they make it to the market. Considering their exclusivity, it is not surprising if these kicks are priced way above the average cost of the material. Will you still be willing to buy them then? We’re not sure – but having the option to actually buy them this 2017 would be a real treat!

Air Jordan 2 Legends of Summer

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