Jordan Trainer Prime “Gym Red” The Classic and Elegant Training Shoe

Jordan Trainer Prime Gym Red

If you are rooting for a classic look for your sneaker, then you may want to highly consider Jordan Trainer Prime “Gym Red”. Its design came from the classic look of Air Jordan 12 “Alternate” that was last seen last July 2016.

Jordan Trainer Prime Gym Red

Having said that it was inspired by a surefire hit sneaker, the worries that it may not be fashionable and functional enough can easily go away. To help you learn more about what this Jordan Trainer Prime “Gym Red” can offer, here is a sneak peek to its features.

The Classic Look with a Twist

As mentioned earlier, the features of this sneaker were based from a proven hit sneaker that mirrors its classic silhouette. But what was not yet discussed is how it was made into a totally different training shoe from its predecessor. So to help you decide, here are its exact characteristics.

Jordan Trainer Prime Gym Red

Its color scheme features a Gym Red, Black, Cement Grey and White. These colors are combined to form an appealing training sneaker. It does not only look elegant, but it also exudes the vibe of a real sportsman—and who would not want that? Plus, there is a bonus of a wonderfully placed Jumpman logo on the most visible area.

So definitely the twist that has been incorporated into the Prime “Gym Red” training shoe is the luxury to go both ways—the classic and the elegant way.

Now that you have already known more about its features, it is already time to know the price of its beautiful training shoe.

Jordan Trainer Prime Gym Red

Price Tag

The fact that it belongs to a classic silhouette Jordan collection, you will say that $110 is quite affordable already. Not to mention that it is also deemed as a premium sneaker, oh it is definitely cheaper in comparison with other high quality Air Jordan shoes.

In fact, it is way lower than the price range of most Jordan sneakers of the same category. So you may really want to grab this opportunity. Go and get your dream shoe as it is already available at select Jordan stores.

But if fate tells you that it is not yet time to get a training shoe like this, don’t despair. There are new Jordans and Jordan release 2017 that are on their way to the market. You just need to stay tuned for sneaker news and updates that you can easily get online. You will never know—the next big thing in Jordan sneakers is just waiting to be grabbed by an avid collector like you.

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