Gatorade Air Jordan 6 Sneaky Peek

Gatorade Air Jordan 6

Looking for the best Jordan release 2017?

Although calling it ‘the best’ might be too much, there is no question that the Gatorade Air Jordan 6 – when and if it is released – will be one of the most iconic shoes available this year. Inspired by that time Michael Jordan did a commercial for famous sports drink Gatorade, there is currently Gatorade Air Jordan 6 images circulating right now which gives everyone hope about these new Jordans.

Gatorade Air Jordan 6


By images, we are talking about those small glimpses of the shoes that were shown during Mark Wahlberg’s visit to the headquarters of Nike. So really – there are no official images yet as to the coloring of these kicks.

From what was seen, however, it was said that the shoes will be a combination of green and orange as a nod to the Gatorade logo. Green will be the major color of the kicks with the orange providing a beautiful contrasting accent. The midsole would also be done in bright orange color – perhaps extending all the way to the outsole.

Gatorade Air Jordan 6

In true Air Jordan 6 fashion, the kicks would have an image of the Jumpman icon on the heels and another on the tongue. Following the green-orange pattern, we are guessing that the icon on the center of the tongue will be done in orange. The Jumpman logo on the heels however would be a very light shade of green – almost white in fact.

Almost all Air Jordan 6 kicks were released with the laces following the same coloring as the majority of the shoes. If the Gatorade Air Jordan 6 would follow this pattern that would mean that the green laces will be unique and therefore tough to replace. That’s always a bad mark for shoes in our opinion.

Favoring color and texture more than depth, the typical ‘layering’ approach of the silhouette isn’t too obvious with this particular colorway.

Price and Release

It is all rumors right now, but the Gatorade Air Jordan 6 will supposedly launch during the Holidays of 2017 with a price tag of just $190. That is a little cheaper than the typical prices so everyone is really looking forward to their availability.

All in all, there are certainly a lot of rumors and not enough solid news to back up the release of Gatorade Air Jordan 6. The results however should be more good than bad as people decide as early as now whether they like the green-orange color combination of this famous silhouette.

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