Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Denim A Different Jordan

Jordan Westbrook 0.2

Take a break from Michael Jordan for a minute and check out a new type of Jordan with the Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Denim. Here is what you should know about this impending release.

Jordan Westbrook 0.2

New Jordans in Denim Design

As we all know of denim – they are the kind of material that just looks better as it grows older. That is the hope we have for these shoes which are made 95% in denim – the 5% confined to the soles which appear to be typical rubber.

The denim color combination offers a layering approach of dark blue and a lighter shade of blue – just like with jeans. While the material texture is basically the same, the layered approach offers some depth into the whole thing. The vamp is dark blue followed by a patch of light blue and dark blue again on the quarter panel.

Jordan Westbrook 0.2

The tongue, however, is kept beautifully black with the laces following the same shade. Yes – even the laces are denim and done in either dark blue or black. It’s hard to tell but either way – you can be sure that these laces are easily found through the typical Jordan Brand store.

The Westbrook icon can be found dead center of the tongue, beautifully embossed onto the material. From the back, you can see the Jumpman logo, also embossed onto the denim and sporting a shade lighter of hue – allowing it to pop out from the material.

The soles are kept plain in white with just a few ribbing on the material itself. That is a pretty good call so as to prevent distraction from the shoes itself.

Jordan Westbrook 0.2

Release and Price

One of the more attractive and highly unique Jordan release 2017, these kicks will become available in Spring. The question is: how much would it cost? As to that – there is no news yet, which means that you will have to keep your eyes and ears open for anything new about these shoes.


All in all, the Jordan Westbrook 0.2 Denim is a touch different from all the other kicks available in the market today. Definitely an eye-catcher when worn in public, they are the kind of shoes that should last you a long time. Remember – it is denim so there is a very good chance that these kicks will only look better as they grow older. The fact that they don’t follow the typical Air Jordan silhouette is a bonus for those who are looking for something different.

Jordan Westbrook 0.2

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