Nike Air Force 1 Low Team Red—For Those Who Love Red and Black

Nike Air Force 1 Low Team Red

Are you a fan of colors red and black? If you are, you may want to try Nike Air Force 1 Low Team Red. This latest offering of Nike will make you believe that Red and Black is such a wonderful color combination. There are plenty of good reviews about this Low Team Red sneaker and you may also want to give it a space to your ever-growing shoe collection. If you are interested to know more about this sneaker, here are things that you should know about it:

Nike Air Force 1 Low Team Red

Nike Air Force 1 Low Team Red
Color:Team Red/Black
Style Code:315122-614


At first glance, you can already notice the elegant effect of the Red and Black color scheme to the popular silhouette. It is bursting with elegance as you scan through its parts. Its upper portion is made of full toppled and smooth leather, decorated with punctured detailing on the sides and toe cap. The design is finished with a mesh inner liner and solid rubber outsole.

As a whole, it really looks impeccably pretty. The colors and design fit perfectly. You can just imagine your feet wearing this very attractive sneaker during casual hangouts with family and friends—and yes, it absolutely feels good!

Nike Air Force 1 Low Team Red

To be released very soon

Although there is no release date yet for this sneaker, many Nike fans are definitely excited to grab a pair or two of these lovely shoes. There are reviews saying that as early as now Nike aficionados are asking if they can reserve pairs for themselves and their loved ones. The sneaker photos leaked online are a great help to promote the featured Nike sneaker.

Not only that the fans got to see the initial photos with its detailed features, but they also got to interact with fellow Nike lovers who share the same affection towards the Red-Black sneaker.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Team Red

Price Tag

Due to the fact that it will still be released soon, the Nike management has not yet divulged the retail price of Nike Air Force 1 Low Team Red. But hints have been made pointing to the possible price of the said sneaker.

Since it is a premium sneaker who belongs to a popular silhouette, it could be said that it ranges somewhere in the upper price bracket. But don’t worry, it may still not be considered as an expensive sneaker so you can still have a chance to own a pair of this Nike release 2017 for you and your loved one. Head on over to our Nike Release 2017 page for more exciting news.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Team Red

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