Nike Air Force 1 Mid Flyknit – Off White is the New Classic

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Flyknit

White is such a popular color for shoes nowadays as you’d find how often people on Instagram are showing up with some of the most amazing outfits partnered with basic classy white shoes.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Flyknit

Is it a wonder that Nike decided to deliver their own version of this classic fashion choice with the Nike Air Force 1 Mid Flyknit?

You can bet however that Nike isn’t just rehashing old music. In this version of the Flyknit, Nike decided to go for an off-white color instead of something that’s purely white. That’s definitely a plus considering how white can be such an easy color to get muddy.

The color isn’t the only thing different however. The patterns are beautifully obvious, seemingly made of exquisite lacework but actually built from amazing material.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Flyknit

How it Looks

It’s tough to describe the Nike Air Force 1 Mid Flyknit without taking a good look at the kicks. As previously mentioned, these shoes are full-on white from the soles to the tongue and the laces. There’s really no other color available so you might think it’s boring – but the shoes are far from that.

To start, there’s Swoosh Nike icon along the quarter panel of the shoes. Despite being of the same white shading, the icon is made in such a way that it jumps out of the kicks and makes it highly obvious. Don’t ask us how Nike managed to do this – it’s just part of the brand’s magic.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Flyknit

On the tongue you’ve got another Nike logo, this time engraved onto the material. This one is a little more understated and takes a bit of looking before you notice it. Another icon in the words of AIR is inscribed along the bottom-heel portion of the soles.

What really pulls you with these shoes is the overall pattern of the body. Despite the fact that it’s all white, there’s a delicate lace-like quality to the surface that adds both texture and dimension to the kicks. It’s safe to say that the shoes will feel elegantly bumpy to the touch so that you get something more than just basic smooth leather.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Flyknit

From the back, you can see another Nike icon, this time displayed along the heels. Again, the icon is inscribed onto the material so that it follows the same off-white coloring.

Official known under the color Sail and Sail Grey, the Nike Air Force 1 Mid Flyknit will be available soon but we don’t know the definite date yet. There’s also no price release for the product, but here’s hoping that it would be well within the average price for Nike.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Flyknit

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