Jordan Express Triple Black—The Stylish and Elegant Sneaker

Jordan Express Triple Black

The Jordan express has slowly gaining popularity in the market today. It is Jordan Brand’s newest offering to Jordan aficionados who want to sport cool but elegant footwear. Things are getting more interesting with this newest offering so if you want to know more about this featured sneaker, then read on.

Jordan Express Triple Black

The Color Scheme

To banner the Jordan Express Triple Black is of course the elegant all-Black color scheme. With black comes the word elegance so the Jordan Brand chooses this color in order to make sure that the Jordan express edition will be as sophisticated as it needs to be.

Other Accessories

The Jordan Express features a glossy and fashion-forward design, ideal for cool gals out there. So it is elegant and at the same time, stylish. What do you think about that? Sounds cool, right?

Jordan Express Triple Black

It is made of mesh construction that gives lightweight breathability as well as a webbing system that provides protection and comfort to the midfoot. Completing its look is a muted all-Black rubber sole. Also called as a sock-fit trainer, you are assured that your feet will be well-protected and will be provided with utmost comfort.

Price Tag

So are you already dreaming of these shoes? The next thing that you need to know is its price. Well this is a good news because this beautiful sneaker only costs $110, more affordable than other premium sneakers. This way, you can have a greater chance of owning a pair of these coveted shoes.

Jordan Express Triple Black

Available at Select Jordan Stores

Now that you already know that you can, by all means, afford this lovely pair of sneaker, you must now know that it is already available at select Jordan stores. Good news again because you do not need to wait any longer. Just make sure that you hurry up because stocks may run out because of the high demand for this great offer. You may check out the website of the Jordan Brand in order to know which Jordan stores sell this particular Jordan model.

Jordan Express Triple Black

In case you are not lucky enough to avail this great deal, don’t worry. There are new Jordans with Jordan release date 2017 that are all lined up for release. Just make sure this time that you will be quicker in trooping to participating stores — remember you are not alone in this endeavor in buying Jordan Brand’s amazing sneakers. Luck will be on your side this time, have faith! Happy shopping and good luck in your quest!

Jordan Express Triple Black

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