Air Jordan 1 Mid GS “Linen” – Looking Cozy

Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Linen

If shoes can be described as cozy, then the Air Jordan 1 Mid GS “Linen” would fit the bill perfectly. This new release offers a combination of two basic colors: white and a muted brown color officially dubbed as “light sand” by Nike. As the name suggests, these kicks are available in GS only – which means that guys might as well look at other colorways since this model won’t be available in their size.

Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Linen

Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Linen
Color: White/Light Sand/Boarder Blue
Style Code: 332148-116
Release Date: May 3, 2017

Shades and Design

The Air Jordan 1 Mid GS “Linen” is what you would call a quiet classic as it displays a color combination of white and muted brown. The white takes up most of the space of the shoes but it is actually not the first shade you would notice. Thanks to the clean white coloring, the muted brown shade stands out even more so than when checking out the Air Jordan 1 Mid GS “Linen”, you can’t help but be drawn to the contrasting colors.

Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Linen

The muted brown is limited to the heel portion, a strap along the mouth of the shoes, and the soles of the kicks. On the strap you will find a Wings logo done in basic white, allowing it to stand out from its brown background. The same holds true for the ribbed outsole that manages to round off the design despite the thinness of the surface.

Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Linen

From the back, you can see the Jumpman logo, this one done in what seems to be a silver-ish hue. The icon seems to be stitched onto the material instead of simply emblazoned on the leather.

The vamp is perforated while the tongue follows the same basic all-white pattern. On the center of the tongue you have got the same Jumpman logo with the word AIR just below the globally famous icon.

Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Linen

The laces are flat and done in basic white – the same as the rest of the shoes. That is always a good thing since laces need replacing long before the shoes lose their appeal. With simple shoelaces, you can find a replacement practically anywhere without any problems.

Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Linen

Price and Release

Scheduled for a May 3 release 2017, you might notice that the Air Jordan 1 Mid GS “Linen” is already available in select Air Jordan stores. They’re priced at $95 which is cheaper due to the fact that they are available in GS only. Hopefully, men-sized shoes will be out soon for those who love this colorway. If not however, there are always other Air Jordan kicks you can check out!

Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Linen

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