Air Jordan 5 “Blue Suede” to Land Later This Year

Air Jordan 5 Blue Suede

Shades of The King as Air Jordan 5 makes the “Blue Suede” shoes a real thing with this 2017 release. While “Blue” is definitely the correct term for these shoes, they do not really do it much justice as these brand new kicks are bound to grab the attention of practically anyone once you bring them with you anywhere.

Air Jordan 5 Blue Suede

Air Jordan 5 Blue Suede
Color: Game Royal/Black-Game Royal
Style Code: 136021-401
Release Date: September 20, 2017

Colors and Design
An extreme close up of these shoes guarantees that they are made from only the finest suede material, dipped in a quality shade of blue that makes it grab attention without being too garish about it. In case you are wondering – practically everything about this Air Jordan 5 release is made from blue – starting from the soles, the tongue, and even the shoelaces.

Air Jordan 5 Blue Suede
Of course, it would be remiss of Air Jordan to stick to just one color since this can get boring really quick. To introduce some contrast into the shoes, a bit of black accent is added in as well as some silver-hue for the tongue portion. The black accent is limited to the mouth of the shoes as well as a small part of the outsole.
To make it more exciting, Air Jordan opted for a layering technique and the use of a different blue material for the quarter panel. Instead of straight blue suede, you get a beautiful weave for the quarter panel and a bit of transparent lining for the outsole.

Air Jordan 5 Blue Suede
The icons are done in black and beautifully stitched onto the material to make them stand out. There is the unmistakable Jumpman icon on the heels and we are guessing another similar icon for the tongue’s center. Unfortunately, the images circulating right now do not provide any direct images of the Air Jordan 5 “Blue Suede”

Air Jordan 5 Blue Suede
Price and Release
Unfortunately, you will have to wait some time before getting these kicks since they will be available on September 20 this year. That gives you a few more months to decide whether these shoes are the one you want. If not however, you can always check out the Red Suede release. They are no Elvis Presley – but they should be near the real thing! Price tag for the kicks is at $190 which is well within the typical pricing for Air Jordan releases.

Air Jordan 5 Blue Suede
All in all, these are the kind of shoes you would want to wear if you are an Elvis fan. Of course, not everyone might get the connection – but you will be comforted by the fact that the Air Jordan 5 “Blue Suede” is a legend all on its own.

Air Jordan 5 Blue Suede

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