Air Jordan 4 GS “Linen” Due For Re Release Next Month

Air Jordan 4 GS Linen

After a few months in development, the Air Jordan 4 GS “Linen” will be back in stores next month. Sold in its first official run in 2006, this light monochrome is both classic and cosmopolitan in its design and looks like it will always be on trend. It will be marketed specially for kids exclusively.

Air Jordan 4 GS Linen

Air Jordan 4 GS Linen
Size Run: Grade School
Color:White/Boarder Blue-Light Sand
Style Code:487724-118
Release Date:June 10, 2017

Features and Design

A big majority of the surface area of Air Jordan 4 GS “Linen” is white. A few patches of the design are a shade of nude brown and light sand. The vamp of the shoes is made up of a rough version of leather. The laces and netting are also white while the sole is made up of two tones of color for a stylish finish.

The Jumpman logo is emblazoned on a bluish-gray shade on the tongue of the shoe, almost covered with laces when worn. A boarder blue Jumpman logo is in the backstrap.

Air Jordan 4 GS Linen

Air Jordan 13 Low Chutney Release

On the same day that the Air Jordan 4 GS “Linen” will be released, the Air Jordan 13 Low Chutney 2017 will also make its way to stores globally. This new Air Jordan product will be a gold and black affair.

One of the most striking features is located in the sole, where a yellow plastic badge plated with the black Jumpman logo. It stands a stark contrast with the black and yellow background that it is placed on. The Low Chutney also has a gold plated Jumpman logo on the backstrap of the shoe, making it a must-have for loyal Air Jordan collectors.

Air Jordan 4 GS Linen


The Air Jordan 4 GS “Linen” will be seen in the flesh for the first time by the buying public on Saturday, June 10. It will be introduced in stores for the price of $140 – a reasonable cost for a summer AJ purchase. The GS “Linen” will be one of a few AJ models that will be released for the first time on that day.

Air Jordan 4 GS Linen

Overall, the Air Jordan 4 GS “Linen” presents a clean, minimalist take on the Air Jordan brand with the white and nude accents on the design of the shoe. They can be used not just for your sports activities. It can also be used for other casual trips to the mall or park. Who knew Air Jordans can still surprise their loyal followers with for-kids’ releases?

In any case, this is indeed good news to lots of sneaker fans out there. Do you plan to snag a pair of this show the moment it will be released on June 10?

Air Jordan 4 GS Linen

Air Jordan 4 GS Linen

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