Nike Kyrie 3 “Tuxedo” – Real Men Wear Tuxedo

Nike Kyrie 3 Tuxedo

Real men wear tuxedo – and not just the clothes. Nike introduces the Nike Kyrie 3 “Tuxedo” which is a beautiful combination of black and white, thus creating the “tuxedo” label. This brand new shoe release will be available for the month of July.

Nike Kyrie 3 Tuxedo

Nike Kyrie 3 Tuxedo
Size Run: Mens
Color: Black/White
Style Code: 917724-001
Release Date: July 21, 2017
Price: $120

Product Style and Colors

As mentioned, the Nike Kyrie 3 “Tuxedo” boasts of a white and black color with black taking up most of the shoes.

To say that it simply follows a black and white pattern would be unfair to the shoes however. In typical Nike fashion, the brand managed to create a pair of kicks with texture and depth using just two colors. To start with, the vamp is beautifully done in black with a patch of white around two inches on the shoe followed by another patch of black all the way to the heels of the kicks. This is probably how the ‘tuxedo’ name came to be as the kicks showcase a black-white-black pattern which is typical of this formal attire.

Nike Kyrie 3 Tuxedo

Adding some texture onto the look however is a speckled approach. Along the back portion of the kicks, you’ll find that the black is marginally sprinkled with some white flecks. The opposite is true for the soles which are done in primary white with some black flecks for texture. The overall result is a contrasting approach on a classic, creating a yin-yang type of balance – but for shoes.

Nike Kyrie 3 Tuxedo

The tongue is done in solid black with the laces following the same dark shade. On the tongue you can see the distinctive Kyrie logo, done in basic white so that it stands out. What’s astonishing about these shoes however would be the black lace on top of a single white patch somewhere near the vamp. The top view is astonishing as the clean white sheet makes the laces even darker. To pull off the whole look, Nike adds the Swoosh logo along the quarter panel of the kicks. The Swoosh is done in plain white.

Oddly enough, Nike decided to add some green color on the shoes but placed it on the bottom where it can’t be easily seen.

Nike Kyrie 3 Tuxedo

Product Pricing and Release

The item will be sold for just $120 – making it one of the cheaper Nike models available in the market. Release will be on July 21, 2017 so make sure you’ve got your reservations down before this date. Considering the classic style of the shoes combined with the low price, it’s not surprising to find these shoes flying off the shelves as soon as they become available.

Nike Kyrie 3 Tuxedo

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